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Oh, the delightful, bewildering randomness of National Something Day! Yes, you read that correctly. A day celebrating... wait for it... something! This day captures the delightful mystery of everyday life, the chance of unexpected surprises and the breathtaking charm of the unknown.

When is Something Day?

It's national something day on the 17th July.

A Day Out of the Heavy Norms

If you ever felt bewildered by the bountiful days on the calendar dedicated to pineapples, pine cones, and pizza pies but you felt nothing resonated with your vague need for celebration, then National Something Day was tailor-made for you! On this day, we leave the specifics at the door and plunge headfirst into a celebration of well, something.

The History of Something

Our diligent team tracked 11921 mentions from its conception. The peak came on July 17, 2016, when the digital world united in a collective dazzle shared in posts, tweets, and status updates to celebrate National Something Day. Since we don't dictate what exactly to celebrate on this day, we've seen an amusing variety ranging from 'my dog learnt a new trick' celebrations to 'I didn't burn the pancakes this morning'. It's all so wonderfully random!

How to Celebrate National Something Day

It's quite straightforward - you celebrate something. That something can be anything. It can be as mundane as finally organizing your sock drawer, as exciting as planning a trip around the world, or as peculiar as celebrating the first time you tied a Windsor knot. Just pick something that brings you joy and makes you smile. There's no wrong or right way to celebrate National Something Day.

History behind the term 'Something'

12th century

The Birth of 'Something'

The term 'something' originated in the 12th century, derived from the Old English word 'sum thing', which meant 'a certain thing' or 'an unspecified thing'. This word combination eventually evolved into the single word we now know as 'something'. The concept of 'something' was important in medieval times when people often referred to undefined objects, ideas, or occurrences.

16th century

Shakespeare's Influence

One of the most significant turning points for the term 'something' occurred in the 16th century with the works of William Shakespeare. His plays, such as 'Hamlet' and 'Romeo and Juliet', popularized the usage of the word 'something' in his characters' dialogues. Shakespeare's association with 'something' helped solidify its place in the English language and culture.

18th century

Inclusion in the Dictionary

The term 'something' gained further recognition and validation in the 18th century when it was officially included in English dictionaries. It served as a fundamental word that encapsulated the idea of distinct but unspecified objects or matters. Its acceptance in dictionaries solidified its status as an essential term in the English lexicon.

20th century

'Something' as a Filler Word

In the 20th century, 'something' took on a new role as a filler word used to replace more precise or explicit expressions. People often employ 'something' when they struggle to recall a word or to convey a general sense without specifying exact details. This usage brought 'something' into everyday conversations, making it a familiar and widely employed term.

Present Day

'Something' in Modern Culture

In the present day, the term 'something' has become deeply ingrained in modern culture. It has been frequently utilized in literature, music, film, and various forms of media. Furthermore, 'something' cemented its place as a word that sparks curiosity and fills the gaps of uncertainty. Its versatility and wide-ranging application continue to shape languages and conversations across the globe.

Did you know?

The day with the most number of online mentions of National Something Day was 17th July, 2016! Imagine all those monotonous calendars suddenly filled with 'something' worth celebrating!


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