National Softball Day

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Do you hear that? Yes, it's the unique *ping* of an aluminium bat born from a classic game of softball! A game loved by many and likely played by you in that backyard family BBQ or work social event. Grab your mitts, folks, it’s time to slide into home for today's topic - National Softball Day!

When is Softball Day?

It's national softball day on the 14th June.

A Brief History

Despite the forkball fast pitches and nail-biting home runs, celebrations of National Softball Day wasn't always a 'thing'. In fact, our virtual records and their 4877 mentions, saw a seismic spike in chatter about National Softball Day as recently as 14th June 2016 - making it a relatively new kid on the block in the world of national days!

All Hail, the Stellar Softball!

But, let's rewind a bit. The game of softball actually has been around since 1887, established as an indoor sport in Chicago. Rapidly gaining traction, it eventually moved outdoors and evolved into a beloved pastime for youth groups, work colleagues, and BBQ-loving families. But alas! It seemed to lack a special day that one could dedicate entirely to celebrating this wonderful sport itself. Cue, National Softball Day.

June 14th: A Day to Remember

The most mentions of this fun-tastic day rocketed the charts on June 14, 2016. Better than an unexpected inside-the-park home run! Coincidentally or not, June 14th is also known as National Pop Goes the Weasel Day. It doesn’t get much more unexpectantly exhilarating than that!

So, How to Celebrate?

From neighborhood games organizers to professional players, everyone has a unique opportunity to acknowledge National Softball Day in a manner most steeped in fun and camaraderie. Arrange a friendly game in your local park or get together with friends for a 'softball-themed' movie night. And most importantly, never forget the celebration essentials - hot dogs and popcorn!

Did you know?

Did you know that softball was created as a game to be played indoors? It was originally intended to be a way for baseball players to keep up their skills during the winter!


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