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Hello, my fellow hashtag huggers and filter aficionados! Prepare to tap, swipe and double-tap with vigor as we delve into the viral vortex of National Social Media Day. Every 30th of June, a thunderclap of tweets, an avalanche of avatars, and a landslide of likes cascade down your feed in celebration. Got your best selfie ready? Let's go!

When is Social Media Day?

It's national social media day on the 30th June.

Navigating The News Feed

Coming to life under the nimble fingers of tech behemoth Mashable in 2010, National Social Media Day was designed as a nod to the power of 140 characters (or, you know, 280 for the modern essayists among you). It's when we make a toast (perhaps with a well-filtered brunch photo) to our ability to reach out, connect, express and share the mundane to the miraculous, all in real-time.

Like, Share, Retweet: The Power Of A Post

The digital world went gaga over this concept, with pinch-points of participation all over the globe. The peak of its popularity so far? Swooping in on the 30th of June, 2017 with a hefty 4398 online mentions. And why wouldn't we? From confounding cats doing conga to lifesaving announcements in times of crisis, the social media sphere encapsulates it all.

The Filtered Phenomenon

While National Social Media Day encourages us to embrace our online personas and make meaningful contributions, it's also a day to think of our mental health. Because sometimes, a little reminder to 'disconnect to connect', to chat over chai instead of chatbox, and to experience life out of the 'gram and into the grand scheme of things is necessary.

So, What's The Trending Hashtag?

So, hold onto your emoji-filled hats, prepare to get hashtag happy and share your favorite meme or two. Remember, behind every 'react', there's a ripple of impact. So make it count! And this Social Media Day, let's make good vibes go viral.

History behind the term 'Social Media'


Emergence of ''

In 1997, a social networking site called '' was launched, which allowed users to create profiles and connect with others. Although it was not called 'social media' at the time, this was one of the earliest platforms that laid the foundation for the concept.


Friendster and the Birth of Modern Social Media

The year 2002 witnessed the launch of 'Friendster', a website that introduced the idea of connecting with friends online. Friendster brought the concept of social networking to a wider audience and set the stage for the explosion of social media platforms in the years to come.


Facebook Revolutionizes Social Media

Mark Zuckerberg launched 'TheFacebook' (later called Facebook) in 2004, initially limited to Harvard University students. This social networking site garnered immense popularity and expanded its user base rapidly, eventually becoming one of the most influential and widely used social media platforms worldwide.


Twitter Introduces Microblogging

Twitter was founded in 2006, introducing the concept of microblogging in which users could share short messages (tweets) in real-time. With its emphasis on brevity and the ability to follow and be followed by others, Twitter further revolutionized the way people connect and share information online.


Instagram Introduces Visual Sharing

In 2010, Instagram was launched, allowing users to share photos and videos easily. The platform's focus on visual content and its user-friendly interface quickly gained popularity, making it one of the leading social media platforms for sharing and discovering visual media.


Pinterest and the Rise of Content Curation

Pinterest was introduced in 2011, offering a platform for users to discover, collect, and share content in the form of visual bookmarks (pins). This unique approach to content curation gained widespread attention and became a significant player in the social media landscape.


Snapchat Introduces Ephemeral Messaging

Snapchat, founded in 2011, popularized the concept of ephemeral messaging, where photos and videos disappear shortly after being viewed. This new form of communication appealed to younger demographics and introduced a new level of privacy and spontaneity in social media interactions.


LinkedIn and Professional Networking

Launched in 2003 but gaining significant traction in 2012, LinkedIn emerged as the leading professional networking platform. With features tailored for job seekers, businesses, and professionals, LinkedIn provided a space for career-oriented social interactions and online professional identities.

Did you know?

Did you know that the term 'selfie' was first mentioned on an online Australian forum way back in 2002? It took another decade and the invention of Instagram for selfies to become a truly global phenomenon!


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