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Did you know that National Slime Day is a thing? Well, hold on to your spatulas and food coloring, because it is! This hilariously gooey day has taken the Internet by storm on December 9th since 2017 and from our rigorous online analysis, National Slime Day is quaking the web with 111 mentions so far!

When is Slime Day?

It's national slime day on the 9th December.

Why Celebrate?

We are all about celebrating diversity, and if there's one thing that's really diverse, it is the range of slime recipes out there! You can have fluffy slime, clear slime, glitter slime, the list goes on! Children and adults alike are finding joy and relaxation in squishing and stretching, and of course, the satisfying 'pop' sound it makes! There's a weirdly therapeutic value to the squishiness and the sound that slime makes. it's ASMR at its finest!

The Birth of National Slime Day

While the exact history of National Slime Day is unknown, the Internet points to its first major appearance on December 9th, 2017 - a date that now resonates with slime enthusiasts everywhere. Brands and online influencers from far and wide showered their audiences with dank and vibrant slime video tutorials, creating a wave of slime-related content that solidified this date in the hearts and minds of slime enthusiasts.

How to Celebrate?

The best way to celebrate National Slime Day is to get your hands dirty and make your own slime! Invite your friends, family and loved ones to join in on the fun. You could even challenge each other to create the most creative, wacky, or colorful slime! If you're more the spectator type, sit back, relax and feast your eyes on some satisfying slime videos online, just make sure your headphones are on because that 'pop' sounds are gold!

History behind the term 'Slime'


The birth of Nickelodeon.

In 1976, the children's television network Nickelodeon was launched, revolutionizing kids' entertainment. One of the network's most iconic shows, You Can't Do That on Television, introduced a recurring skit called 'The Slime Zone,' where unsuspecting cast members would be doused in green slime as a comedic gag.


Ghostbusters popularizes slime.

The release of the blockbuster film Ghostbusters in 1984 catapulted slime into pop culture stardom. One memorable scene featured the Ghostbusters battling the powerful paranormal entity known as the Ghostbusters World. The green ectoplasmic slime seen in this scene became an iconic symbol of the movie and its associated merchandise.


Nickelodeon introduces 'Double Dare'.

Nickelodeon took the concept of slime to a new level with the premiere of 'Double Dare' in 1986. The game show involved messy physical challenges and trivia questions, often resulting in contestants getting slimed. 'Double Dare' became a sensation and further solidified slime as a wacky and beloved symbol of Nickelodeon.


The rise of DIY slime.

In the early 1990s, homemade slime gained popularity as a fun and affordable DIY activity. Kids and even adults enjoyed experimenting with different recipes to create their own squishy and stretchy concoctions. This DIY slime trend has continued to evolve, with various textures, colors, and even scents available today.


Slime becomes an internet sensation.

In 2017, slime burst into the online world through social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube. DIY slime tutorials, ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) videos, and slime-related challenges gained tremendous popularity. The internet provided a global platform for slime enthusiasts to share their creations and connect with others who share their fascination for squishy slime.

Did you know?

Did you know that the largest slime ever made weighed a whopping 13,820 pounds and was created by Mad Science of St. Louis in 2017, the same year National Slime Day first made waves online?


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