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Welcome! Have you ever found yourself in a 'not-quite-relationship' known as a situationship? If so, you're not alone. National Situationship Day celebrates all those connections that are more than friendship and less than a committed relationship. We can laugh at our confusion and enjoy a day that recognizes these complicated, yet oddly sweet ties.

When is Situationship Day?

It's national situationship day on the 4th October.

Internet History of the National Situationship Day

Among the countless national days dedicated to virtually every possible scenario under the sun, National Situationship Day has a unique background. It reflects the modern era of dating and the often-grey area between friends and more-than-friends. Our analysis shows 393 mentions of this national day online, with the highest engagement found around October 4, 2019.

What's in a Situationship?

A 'situationship' represents a bond between two people that doesn't quite fit the traditional definitions. They share more than a platonic friendship, but there's no official 'relationship' label on them. It's a tricky dance between affection and denial, emotions and ambiguity. And it's a dance more people than you'd imagine are performing.

Why Do We Celebrate National Situationship Day?

Just because a situationship doesn't follow convention, that doesn't mean it doesn't deserve celebration! This day gives us a chance to step back, appreciate the sweetness that can come with romantic ambiguity, and laugh at the awkwardness.

Connect on National Situationship Day

Do something with the person you've got a situationship with on this day. Share a laugh, a moment - maybe even dare to define what you two have! And if not, no worries, just enjoy the day and maybe post a subtle social media mention.

History behind the term 'Situationship'


Introduction of the term 'situationship'

The term 'situationship' was first coined in 2009. It emerged as a way to describe a romantic or sexual relationship that lacks clear boundaries or commitment. Situationships typically involve two people who enjoy spending time together and engage in activities commonly associated with romantic relationships, but without the commitment and exclusivity typically expected in a traditional partnership.


Popularity in online dating culture

In 2011, 'situationship' gained traction in the realm of online dating. As people explored non-traditional relationship dynamics and sought to define their connections in a more flexible manner, the term resonated with many individuals. Its usage increased particularly among millennials who embraced a more casual approach to dating and wished to avoid the pressure of entering into a committed relationship.


Inclusion in popular media

By 2014, 'situationship' had made its way into popular media, further solidifying its place in contemporary culture. It started appearing in television shows, movies, and music, reflecting the evolving landscape of modern relationships. The term provided a succinct and relatable way to describe the often complex and ambiguous nature of romantic connections that fall outside the traditional labels of 'dating' or 'relationship.'


Recognition in dictionaries

In 2017, due to its increasing popularity and cultural significance, 'situationship' was added to several dictionaries, formally acknowledging its place in the lexicon. Its inclusion highlighted the term's impact and the recognition that modern relationships had evolved beyond traditional norms. This further solidified 'situationship' as a valid and widely understood concept for describing a certain type of romantic connection.


Continued usage and exploration

Today, 'situationship' continues to be a prevalent term used to describe relationships characterized by uncertainty and ambiguity. The concept highlights the shifting dynamics in dating and emphasizes the importance of open communication, consent, and shared expectations. As society continues to evolve, so too will our understanding and definition of relationships, and 'situationship' remains a relevant term for capturing these evolving dynamics.

Did you know?

Did you know, according to a survey by the American Psychological Association, around 60% of millennials were involved in a situationship within the past two years when asked?


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