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Ever felt like there's a holiday for everything under the sun? Well, you're not far off! As it turns out, there's a national day to embrace your singlehood too. Say hello to National Singles Day, staking its claim on the calendar every 22nd of September.

When is Singles Day?

It's national singles day on the 22nd September.

Unraveling the Origins of National Singles Day

National Singles Day traced its virtual footsteps back in the era when social media began to stir up traditional celebrations. Mentioned around 27223 times online, the day gained major traction on 22nd September 2019, making it the single-est day of that year!

Single and ready to mingle!

If you thought National Singles Day was all about moping around in your jammies, think again! This day is about celebrating self-love, individuality, and of course, owning that remote control. Singles everywhere take advantage of this day to treat themselves or take up new hobbies. Cooking solo gourmet meals to indulging in 'read-a-thons', the day is celebrated in countless styles.

An example to the world

While National Singles Day might be deemed just another marketing ploy, it shines light on the growing acceptance and respect for different lifestyles. Whether you're single out of choice or circumstances, this day stands as a reminder that it's perfectly okay to be single, and to love every minute of it!

Next Up: Singles Day, the Holiday

Given its upbeat spirit and the ever-increasing number of singles worldwide, can we hope to see National Singles Day grow into an official holiday someday? Only time will tell. Until then, single folks, rejoice in your independence and keep shining on your own!

History behind the term 'Singles'


The Advent of Disco

The term 'singles' first gained popularity in the 1970s when disco music was at its peak. DJs and radio stations used to play individual tracks from vinyl records, which were referred to as singles. This term became synonymous with a particular type of music consumption and later extended to refer to unmarried individuals.


Rise of Online Dating

With the widespread use of the internet, online dating platforms emerged in the 1990s. These platforms allowed people to connect with potential romantic partners, often emphasizing the concept of being single. The term 'singles' started being used more commonly to describe individuals who were actively seeking romantic relationships or who identified as not being in a committed partnership.


Buzz Around Solo Living

During the 2000s, there was a cultural shift towards celebrating the single lifestyle. The rise of independent living, urbanization, and an increase in career-focused individuals led to a growing population of single people. This trend was reflected in popular media, such as movies like 'Bridget Jones's Diary' and TV shows like 'Sex and the City,' which explored the lives of single individuals.


Empowerment and Self-discovery

In the 2010s, the term 'singles' took on a more empowered and self-discovery connotation. Rather than being associated solely with romantic status, it became a label for individuals embracing their independence and focusing on personal growth. This shift was seen in the rise of Singles' Day, an annual shopping holiday in China where single people treat themselves and celebrate their autonomy.

Did you know?

Did you know the busiest day for online dating apps is the first Sunday after New Year's Day? It's a fun competition between New Year's resolutions and National Singles Day!


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