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Oh, the single ladies (and gentlemen), put your hands up! Get ready to embrace your independence because we're delving into the joys and jests of National Single Day. Whether you're committed to the solo-life or just between engagements, it's a day to love yourself a little harder.

When is Single Day?

It's national single day on the 22nd September.

A Tale of Freedom and Fun

The internet history of National Single Day packs more 'me-time' than a rom-com marathon. Streaming through 66763 online mentions, this love affair with solitude peaked on September 22, 2019. Millions employed their perfectly manicured fingers, sending tweets, Instagram captions, and Facebook posts celebrating the solo life.

One is Not the Loneliest Number

There is something liberating about being single; no compromise meals, full control over the TV remote, and the entire bed to sprawlingly sleep on. National Single Day puts these tiny yet significant joys on a pedestal.

Self-Love is Golden

On this day, being single isn't a status - it's a celebration! An opportunity to take oneself on a date, or perhaps spending the day engaged in hobbies, or even enjoying a peaceful day doing absolutely nothing.

Internet Buzz

Fire up the internet, and you'll discover single people around the globe redefining relationships. Memes, humorous anecdotes, inspirational quotes, celebrating all things solo were making the rounds. The 'Table for One' squad was living it up, and the internet had the proof.

Bottom Line

So, let’s all raise a toast – (preferably with a pint of ice cream) to commemorating the freedo, the excitement, and the personal growth that comes with being gloriously unattached. Because 'we', 'us', and 'ours' can wait for another day. After all, who has ever heard of National Dating Day? (Spoiler: It doesn't exist).

History behind the term 'Single'


Origins in the World of Sport

The term 'Single' finds its earliest origins in the world of sports, particularly in tennis. In 1925, the term was first used to describe a tennis match where only two players compete against each other, as opposed to a doubles match where two teams of two players each compete. This use of the term 'single' to indicate an individual competition has since expanded to various other sports and activities.


Emergence in Relationship Terminology

Around the 1960s, the term 'single' started to gain popularity as a way to describe an individual who is not in a committed romantic relationship. This usage became more prevalent as societal norms evolved, and it became more acceptable for individuals to embrace their independence and choose not to conform to traditional relationship structures.


Single as a Marital Status

By the 1980s, the term 'single' took on an official status as a marital status option. In various official documents, such as census forms and legal paperwork, the term 'single' became a recognized category to indicate an individual who is not married or in a legally recognized partnership. This official recognition further solidified the term's place in society.


Pop Culture Reinforcement

During the 1990s, the term 'single' gained immense popularity and reinforcement through various forms of pop culture. Songs, movies, and television shows often depicted the lives of single individuals, exploring themes of independence, self-discovery, and empowerment. This cultural portrayal helped shape the perception of being single as a positive and fulfilling lifestyle choice.


Diversity and Empowerment

Today, the term 'single' encompasses a wide range of meanings and experiences. It includes individuals who have chosen to be single, those who are actively seeking a romantic partner, and those who may be temporarily single but open to different possibilities. The term has come to signify not just a relationship status but also a sense of individuality, freedom, and empowerment.

Did you know?

Did you know that September 22nd is not only National Single Day but also International Ice Cream Cone Day? Looks like it's destined to be spent enjoying a delicious treat by yourself! Talk about sweet serendipity.


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