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Have you ever felt the spontaneous urge to burst into song in the middle of the day for no reason? Well, mark your calendars for May 25th because National Sing Out Day is your golden ticket to serenade the world without judgment. One of the 'most harmonious' days of the year, it recorded its highest mentions online in 2018, transforming every corner into a lively stage.

When is Sing Out Day?

It's national sing out day on the 25th May.

A Day in Harmony

National Sing Out Day, celebrated yearly on May 25th, is a day where everyone, regardless of vocal prowess, is encouraged to sing—be it a catchy tune, an old classic, or a shower favorite. Tracking back to its online history, the day marked its peak mentions in 2018 with 3655 mentions dotting across the web.

The Tune That Brought Us Together

It's believed, National Sing Out Day originated from the musical theater sector to pay tribute to the beautiful art form that consistently charms audiences. The day took off on the internet, echoing far and wide, inviting all music enthusiasts and bathroom singers to lend their voices to the universal melody.

Harmonizing the World

Pitch-perfect or not, people found joy in expressing themselves, singing out loud and clear, overcoming inhibitions, and most importantly, connecting with others. Cafes, parks, schools, and offices turned into impromptu concert venues for those who dared to croon in the open. The day also serves as a reminder that music, specifically singing, is a shared language that unifies us despite our differences.

Encore: Sing Out Day 2018

In 2018, the day hit a high-note with mentions skyrocketing to their all-time high on the Internet. This surge in popularity encouraged singing flash mobs, virtual karaoke sessions, and even pets getting in on the action. National Sing Out Day, paying homage to our intrinsic love for music, turned into a reason to break into a heartfelt melody.

History behind the term 'Sing Out'


The Origins of Sing Out

In the year 1940, the term 'sing out' first appeared, primarily used as a call and response phrase during African American gospel and folk music gatherings. It was a way to encourage active participation and communal singing, fostering a sense of unity and joy among the participants. The term quickly gained popularity within these musical communities.


The Rise of Folk Music in the Civil Rights Movement

During the civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s, folk music started to become a powerful tool for expressing political and social messages. Activists used 'sing out' as a rallying cry to encourage individuals to raise their voices in protest and solidarity. Singing together provided a sense of strength, empowerment, and resilience amidst adversity.


The Birth of Sing Out! Magazine

In 1966, the influential folk music magazine, Sing Out!, was founded. It aimed to promote the folk music movement and its rich cultural heritage. The magazine's title, inspired by the phrase 'sing out,' symbolized the publication's dedication to amplifying the voices of folk and protest singers, helping their songs reach a wider audience.


Woodstock Music Festival

One of the most iconic music festivals in history, Woodstock, took place in 1969. It became a symbol of counterculture, peace, and love. The festival's motto, 'Three Days of Peace and Music,' encouraged attendees to 'sing out' together, fostering a sense of unity and shared experience. The crowd singing along with the musicians created an atmosphere of collective celebration.


Sing Out! Continues Its Legacy

Sing Out! Magazine continued to play a pivotal role in documenting and promoting folk music throughout the 1970s and beyond. It served as a platform for artists, providing them with exposure and recognition. By highlighting the importance of communal singing and the power of music to inspire social change, Sing Out! maintained the spirit of 'sing out' in its mission.

Did you know?

Did you know many people use 'sing out' as a stress relief technique? So when in doubt, just sing out!


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