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Welcome to, where we uncover the hilarious history of the internet's favorite national days! Today, we're diving into the fascinating world of National Side Chick Day. Get ready for a lighthearted exploration that will leave you chuckling and shaking your head in disbelief!

When is Side Chick Day?

It's national side chick day on the 15th February.

The Internet Phenomenon of National Side Chick Day

Every once in a while, a national day comes along that takes the internet by storm, capturing everyone's attention and leaving us wondering: how did this happen? National Side Chick Day is one of those intriguing internet obsessions that has sparked countless debates, memes, and hilarious social media discussions.

Originating from the realm of viral internet memes and hashtags, National Side Chick Day is celebrated on February 15th each year. It's a day that humorously acknowledges the existence of 'side chicks'—a term used to refer to individuals who find themselves in unofficial and oftentimes taboo relationships with someone already committed.

The Unofficial History of National Side Chick Day

The exact origin of National Side Chick Day remains murky, but it can be traced back to the online community's fascination with relationship drama, infidelity, and the endless complexities of modern love. As social media platforms became a breeding ground for funny and relatable content, it was only a matter of time before National Side Chick Day emerged as a trending topic.

The day gained the most attention on February 15th, 2017, when our data detected a whopping 1376 mentions online. Memes flooded the internet, sarcastic tweets rolled in, and people from all walks of life had a good laugh at the absurdity of it all.

Fun Fact: National Side Chick Day and the Side Hustle

Did you know that National Side Chick Day shares some similarities with the concept of a 'side hustle'? While the former pokes fun at clandestine relationships, the latter refers to extra income streams or part-time jobs that people pursue alongside their main occupation. So, whether you're celebrating National Side Chick Day or working on your side hustle, remember to keep it light-hearted and amusing!

History behind the term 'Side Chick'


Emergence of the term

During the 1990s, the term 'side chick' started to gain popularity in hip-hop and urban communities. It referred to a woman who was involved in a romantic or sexual relationship with a person who was already in a committed partnership with someone else. The term 'side chick' was used to describe a woman who was not the main or primary partner but was instead a secondary or hidden lover.


Cultural references and media influence

As the 2000s rolled around, the term 'side chick' became more widespread due to its portrayal in popular culture. It began to appear in rap songs, movies, TV shows, and even in social media conversations. The idea of a 'side chick' often became associated with a sense of secrecy, betrayal, and scandal. This increased exposure in mainstream media further solidified the term's usage and cultural impact.


Recognition and exploration of the 'side chick' phenomenon

In the 2010s, there was a surge in discussions around the 'side chick' phenomenon, both in popular culture and in academic circles. The term was explored in books, articles, and studies, examining the complexities of extramarital relationships and the broader impact on society. It became a topic of sociological and psychological analysis, shedding light on the dynamics of infidelity, power imbalances, and the consequences of being a 'side chick' in a relationship.

Present day

Continued relevance and evolution

Today, the term 'side chick' remains a part of contemporary vocabulary, albeit with variations and alternative terms emerging in different cultures and languages. It continues to be used to describe a person who is involved with someone already committed to another partner. However, its context has expanded beyond just heterosexual relationships, with the term being applicable to various types of extramarital or non-monogamous arrangements. The 'side chick' has become a recognizable and discussed figure in discussions of relationships and infidelity.

Did you know?

Fun Fact: National Side Chick Day shares some similarities with the concept of a 'side hustle'!


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