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Ah, National Siblings Day! A day to celebrate the joy, love, and occasional mischief that comes with having brothers and sisters. Whether you have a sibling you are incredibly close to or one that could be mistaken for a miniature version of Dracula, this day is all about acknowledging the power of siblinghood. So, dust off the ol’ photo albums and get ready to dive into the wacky world of siblings!

When is Siblings Evil Siblings Day?

It's national siblings evil siblings day on the 11th April.

The Origin of National Siblings Day

It all started back on April 10, 1995, when a fabulous lady named Claudia Evart decided to create a day dedicated to honoring and appreciating siblings. Claudia was inspired by the loss of her own siblings at an early age and wanted to promote the importance of family bonds.

National Siblings Day gained momentum with the help of social media, where people started sharing heartwarming and hilarious stories about their siblings. From silly childhood memories to epic pranks gone wrong, the internet was flooded with sibling love.

A Tribute to the Best Kind of Evil

Now, let's talk about that fun, mischievous side of siblinghood. We all know that siblings have a unique talent for pushing our buttons, stealing our favorite snacks, and giving us wedgies when we least expect it. But deep down, we also know that it's all part of the magic that makes sibling relationships truly special.

So, in honor of National Siblings Day, embrace the evil sibling within you and unleash your inner trickster. Prank your brother or sister (but be sure to keep it safe and lighthearted), reminisce about the hilarious shenanigans from your childhood, and maybe even apologize for that time you stuck gum in their hair (they probably still haven't forgotten).

Extraordinary Sibling Fun Fact!

Did you know that the longest recorded sibling rivalry lasted for 87 years? Yes, you heard it right! It started in 1881 when Ernie Stowers stole his sister Hilda's cookie, and they continued to compete in various ways until Hilda finally admitted defeat in 1968. Talk about dedication to sibling rivalry!

History behind the term 'Siblings Evil Siblings'

Ancient Times

Siblings in Mythology

Throughout ancient mythology, stories of evil siblings have captivated audiences. In Greek mythology, the story of the god Zeus is filled with examples of his evil siblings. For instance, his father Cronus swallowed his own children, fearing they would overthrow him. Zeus' siblings Hades and Poseidon also had their share of mischief and betrayal. In Hindu mythology, the story of Ravana, the primary antagonist in the epic Ramayana, showcases the evil deeds of a sibling who kidnapped the protagonist's wife. These mythical tales laid the foundation for the concept of evil siblings in popular culture.


The Brothers Grimm

The Brothers Grimm, Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm, published their collection of folklore and fairytales in 1812. As part of their esteemed collection, they included stories featuring evil siblings. Perhaps the most famous of these is Hansel and Gretel, where the wicked stepmother convinces the father to abandon his own children. These haunting tales, including other well-known stories like Snow White and Cinderella, solidified the image of evil siblings in the public consciousness.


Jane Eyre

In 1847, Charlotte Brontë's novel 'Jane Eyre' was published, introducing readers to the compelling and complex dynamic between the protagonist and her evil sibling figure. The character of St. John Rivers, Jane Eyre's cousin, represents the embodiment of a morally dubious sibling. St. John's manipulative nature and his attempt to force Jane into an unwanted marriage contributed to the enduring fascination with evil siblings in literature.



Alfred Hitchcock's iconic film 'Psycho' was released in 1959. The movie featured Norman Bates, a disturbed character with a split personality, and his antagonistic relationship with his evil mother. Although not biological siblings, the intricate portrayal of their dysfunctional bond added a new layer to the concept of evil siblings in popular culture. 'Psycho' left a lasting impact on cinema and further enhanced the fascination with twisted sibling relationships in storytelling.


The Shining

Stephen King's novel 'The Shining' was published in 1977, and in 1980, Stanley Kubrick's film adaptation brought the story to the big screen. The novel and film delved deep into the psychological horror of siblings turning against each other. The strained relationship between Jack Torrance and his son Danny in the haunted Overlook Hotel became a defining example of evil sibling dynamics in the horror genre, captivating audiences and inspiring countless interpretations.


Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

J.K. Rowling's debut novel, 'Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone,' was published in 1997 and became a global phenomenon. The series prominently features the antagonistic relationship between Harry Potter and his evil sibling figure, Lord Voldemort. While not biologically related, the connection between the two characters adds depth to their conflict and illustrates the power struggle between good and evil. The immense popularity of the 'Harry Potter' series further engrained the notion of evil siblings in popular culture.

Did you know?

Did you know that the longest recorded sibling rivalry lasted for 87 years?


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