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There is no love like sibling love, and no day like National Sibling Day to celebrate it! A mix of heartwarming appreciation, playful pillow fights, secret-sharing, and definitely not forgetting those scrumptious stolen snacks, National Sibling Day, is the perfect opportunity to cherish the bond that puts the 'relation' in 'relationship'.

When is Sibling Day?

It's national sibling day on the 10th April.

History of National Sibling Day

Imagine having a day where you can both mock and mush over your sibling, and not get grounded for it. National Sibling Day, observed annually on April 10th, is one such occasion! This day began as a humble expression of sibling appreciation by Claudia Evart, a New Yorker who lost her two siblings at a young age. In 1995, she set up the Siblings Day Foundation to celebrate sibling bonds and strengthen family ties.

Hooray! Everybody loves National Sibling Day

This day isn't just about pulling your sibling's leg, it's also about recognizing their significance in your life. Our online data shows a whopping 459,453 mentions with the most mentions on April 10, 2015 - proving there's no better day to celebrate the sibling saga! Whether you're engaged in a loving game of tag, or an intense argument over who mom's favorite is, these moments affirm the unique role siblings play in our lives.

How to celebrate National Sibling Day?

Despite the inevitable squabbles, there's an unspoken, but not unseen, mutual understanding that you've got each other's backs. So how about a surprise dinner, or a nostalgic journey through old photo albums? Maybe even an embarrassing social media post (c'mon, you know the one). There's a plethora of ways to have fun with your sibling, make them feel special, and solidify your bond on this day.

History behind the term 'Sibling'


The Birth of 'Sibling'

The term 'sibling' originated around the year 1150, derived from the Old English word 'sibb', which means 'relative' or 'kinsman'. It was originally used in a broader sense to refer to any blood relative or family member, not specifically limited to brothers and sisters.


Narrowing of the Definition

By the 14th century, the meaning of 'sibling' began to shift, narrowing down to specifically refer to brothers and sisters. This change in definition was a gradual process as the term gained more common usage to describe the relationship between children of the same parents.


Inclusion in Modern English

In 1903, the term 'sibling' was officially recognized and included in the Oxford English Dictionary, solidifying its place in the modern English language. From then on, it became a commonly used term to signify the relationship between brothers and sisters.


Psychological Significance

In 1947, psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud introduced the concept of 'sibling complex' or 'sibling rivalry' in his book 'The Wolfman and Other Cases', highlighting the psychological significance of the sibling relationship. This concept explores the competition, jealousy, and conflicts that can arise between siblings, shaping their emotional development.


Recognition of Non-Binary Siblings

In more recent years, as societal understanding of gender has evolved, the term 'sibling' has expanded beyond the traditional binary definition of brother and sister. It is now widely recognized and embraced as an inclusive term to encompass non-binary siblings and individuals who may not identify within the gender binary.

Did you know?

Did you know that National Sibling Day is not only celebrated in the United States but is also popular in countries like Australia, Canada and India?


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