National Shower Together Day

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Who doesn’t enjoy a nice warm shower? Now, add into the mix, the lovely opportunity it affords to conserve water and strengthen your bond with your best buddy or significant other, and you've got National Shower Together Day! Easy there, this isn’t meant to raise eyebrows but rather environmental awareness and quality bonding time. This day is absolutely family-friendly, handling interesting but sweet and innocent topics! You can read about it over a hot cup of cocoa; no need to hide the kids.

When is Shower Together Day?

It's national shower together day on the 13th January.

A Splash of History

Our site has only detected 5 mentions of National Shower Together Day online with peak trending seen on January 13, 2016. Sadly, we have yet to figure out the creative genius who had such a 'splashing' idea, but the intention seems to be to promote water conservation by encouraging people to share showers and perhaps improve their familial or romantic relationships along the way.

Take the Plunge

The idea is simple, share the shower with someone! Of course, maintaining an appropriate level of comfort and consent is crucial. But, this could be a wonderful bonding time to start the day with a loved one while saving water - a win-win! Try singing duets, confronting a mutual fear of spiders by staring down the bathroom arachnid, or simply discussing plans for the day while lathering up.

A Cause for Conservation

Apart from the fun aspect, there’s a bigger picture here; water conservation. By sharing a shower, you can reduce water usage by half! That’s a big deal. So, on this National Shower Together Day, let’s vow to be mindful of our environment and make little changes that can have a big impact.

To Sum It Up

Whether you view National Shower Together Day as a fun gimmick or a heartfelt event, its potential for promoting water conservation and quality time with those close to you is undeniable. Let’s just remember to keep it friendly, fun, and family-safe!

History behind the term 'Shower Together'


The invention of indoor plumbing

During the 1800s, indoor plumbing became more common in wealthy households. This allowed for the installation of showers, which were initially seen as a luxurious amenity for bathing.


Shower parties gain popularity

In the 1920s, as bathing became a more social activity, shower parties emerged as a fun trend. These parties involved groups of friends gathering in someone's home to enjoy the company and take turns using the shower. It was a way to socialize while fulfilling the necessity of bathing.


Counterculture movements and communal living

During the 1960s, counterculture movements and the rise of communal living fostered a spirit of nonconformity and togetherness. The idea of communal showers symbolized the breaking down of societal norms and embracing a more open and accepting lifestyle.


Rise of cohabitation and sexual liberation

In the 1970s, cohabitation and sexual liberation became more prevalent. The concept of showering together took on an intimate connotation, symbolizing a shared experience of trust, intimacy, and bonding between partners.


Shower together as a metaphor for collaboration

In the 1990s, the term 'shower together' began to be used more metaphorically to describe the act of collaborating and working together. It represented the idea of individuals or groups coming together, sharing ideas, and working towards a common goal.


Celebration of connection and intimacy

Today, the term 'shower together' continues to be used in various contexts. It celebrates the connection between individuals, the intimacy between partners, and the power of collaboration. It serves as a reminder of our shared experiences and the importance of building relationships in both personal and professional realms.

Did you know?

Did you know the average American shower uses about 17.2 gallons of water and lasts for about 8.2 minutes? Imagine the quantity of water we would save by simply halving our showers!


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