National Short People Day

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Every tall tale needs a short punchline, right? National Short People day is all about those among us who often find themselves in the middle of a crowd but at the end of the line when top shelves are concerned. Sitting in at a unique vantage point in life, they offer us a different perspective, and boy, life really is far more fun that way. It's a day to celebrate the uniqueness of being vertically disinclined and remind us that height is a just number, but personality, now that's a true altitude metric!

When is Short People Day?

It's national short people day on the 3rd September.

A Tale of the Little Heroes

We've detected a whopping 487 mentions of short people's day online, and it seems like it peaked in popularity on the 3rd of September, 2020. There's no set date really, it seems the short people in our lives have us looking up to them, despite their height, throughout the year!

How Did It Start?

Like many niche holidays, this one is a bit of a mystery, but it seems the internet gave birth to this day to sort of counterbalance all those stereotypes and jests aimed at the community. Enough of the short end of the stick, they said!

Celebrating the Heroes

Celebrating National Short People Day is quite straightforward - it's all about appreciating the short people in our lives. Send them a heartfelt message, a funny meme, or better yet, build them a step stool! But more importantly, let's use this day to remember that what makes us different makes us fun, and it's these differences that keep life from becoming a monotonous tall tale.

Short and Sweet

So, what's being short like, you ask? Well, if you're short, you're always in the front of group photos, you've got more legroom on planes, and you can wear high heels without fearing the looming doorway. And let's not forget, the view looking up is always better than the view looking down!

History behind the term 'Short People'


Introduction of the term 'short' into English language

The term 'short' originated from the Old English word 'sceort', which referred to the opposite of long or tall. It was commonly used to describe people of below average height during the late 16th century.


Emergence of 'short' as a descriptive term for people

In the mid-20th century, the term 'short' gained popularity as a common descriptor for individuals of diminutive stature. It served as a neutral way to refer to people who were shorter than average without carrying any negative connotations.


'Short People' song by Randy Newman

One significant cultural moment involving the term 'short people' occurred in 1977 with the release of American singer-songwriter Randy Newman's satirical song titled 'Short People.' The song, though controversial at the time, portrayed the mockery of prejudice and discrimination against short individuals in a humorous manner, ultimately aiming to promote tolerance and empathy.


Public reaction and controversy surrounding 'Short People' song

Following the release of Randy Newman's song, 'Short People' sparked a significant amount of controversy and debate. Many misunderstood the satirical nature of the song and incorrectly assumed it reinforced negative stereotypes. However, despite the initial backlash, the song raised awareness about height-based discrimination and prompted discussions about prejudice in society.


Inclusion of 'Short People' phrase in the lexicon

Thanks to Randy Newman's song, the term 'short people' became ingrained in popular culture and found its place in the English lexicon. It is often used now, not only to describe individuals of below-average height but as a broader term encompassing issues of inclusiveness and social acceptance.

Did you know?

Did you know, being shorter may actually have a health advantage? According to some scientific studies, shorter people might be less likely to develop cancer as there are fewer cells where something could go wrong. So, being short is not only fun but also may be healthy!


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