National Send A Nude Day

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Hello, you curious kittens! Today, we're exploring a day that took the internet by storm and shocked grannies across the globe (we still haven't had the heart to tell Betty!). It's none other than National Send a 'Drawing' Day! Don't get twitchy, dear readers. It's more wholesome than you might fear.

When is Send A Nude Day?

It's national send a nude day on the 19th May.

The Origins

Tracking back to our digital footprints, we clinch a clue on 19th May 2016, when we clocked a whopping 22,336 mentions of National Send a 'Drawing' Day! Somewhere, somehow, somebody decided this was a grand idea, and the internet folks were like, 'Yep, we're in it!'. However, the origins remain as mysterious as granny Betty's 'special' chocolate chip cookie recipe.

What's in the name?

Now let's unravel this intriguing title. 'Nude' here doesn't refer to bare bodies (ahem, keep your trousers on, folks!), but it pertains to sending drawings or sketches of the human form. An artistic take, indeed! Maybe this was a misguided attempt to promote art and emotion. Or perhaps it was one quirky chap's idea of a joke!

Celebrating the Day

While we’re not advocating bombarding anyone's inbox with cheeky depictions, we must admit, there's something pretty hilarious about the concept of this day. If you're up for a giggle, why not send your friend a stick figure drawing, or if you are the artistically inclined, a tasteful sketch (with clothes on, thank you very much!). Have some fun, spread some giggles - just remember, keep it clean, pals!

History behind the term 'Send A Nude'


Emergence of sexting

The term 'send a nude' originated in the late 2000s with the rise of sexting. Sexting refers to the act of sending sexually explicit messages, photos, or videos via electronic means, particularly through mobile phones. As people began exploring this new form of communication and expression, the phrase 'send a nude' entered the lexicon to refer to the act of sending a nude or explicit photo of oneself.


Popularity on social media

By 2013, 'send a nude' gained further traction and popularity, particularly on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Memes, jokes, and hashtags related to the phrase started circulating online, making it a part of internet culture. The phrase became associated not only with sexting but also with humor and self-expression.


Mainstream media attention

In 2015, the term 'send a nude' received mainstream media attention and became a topic of discussion in various publications, including newspapers and magazines. As society grappled with issues surrounding online privacy, consent, and the social implications of digital communication, the phrase became a symbol of the changing landscape of relationships in the digital age.


Debate and cultural critique

By 2018, 'send a nude' became a subject of debate and cultural critique. Some viewed it as a form of self-expression and body positivity, arguing that it empowered individuals to embrace their sexuality and share consensual content. Others raised concerns about privacy, consent, and objectification. The phrase sparked discussions around the blurred lines between public and private in the digital realm.


Ongoing usage and evolving meanings

In the present, 'send a nude' continues to be used in various contexts, encompassing both playful and serious connotations. It is still prevalent in sexting culture and internet memes, but it has also evolved to symbolize the complex dynamics of digital intimacy, consent, and empowerment. The term reflects the ongoing negotiation of boundaries and personal expression in the interconnected world of social media and technology.

Did you know?

Did you know, the biggest online surge of National Send a 'Drawing' Day was on 19th May 2016 with an astounding 22,336 mentions? Don't believe us? Try googling 'most awkward day in internet history'!


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20th April 2015

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19th May 2016

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