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Ahoy, dear readers! Are you ready for a grand tour of the quirky facet of internet history? Welcome aboard on a delightful journey through the annals of 'National Send a Booty Pic Day' (Egads! Don't let your imaginations run wild!). Spoiler alert: It's not what you think!

When is Send A Booty Pic Day?

It's national send a booty pic day on the 9th October.

Internet History of National Send a Booty Pic Day

With the growing surge of online activities, came a quirky, seemingly eyebrow-raising day dubbed as 'National Send a Booty Pic Day'. But be assured my friend, it's not the kind of 'booty' you may be conjuring up in your mind. Celebrated on October 9, this day marks a fancy trend where internet users share pictures of their favorite pirate treasures! That's right! We're talking doubloons, pieces of eight, jewelry, and chests brimming with gold. This day caught wind on social media platforms with a total of 3265 mentions, the most talkative day being you guessed it, October 9, 2020!

Why all the hoopla around a Pirate's Bounty?

It's all in the spirit of good fun and camaraderie. The internet has a knack for birthing inventive and often, hilarious days of observance. This quirkiness is a nod to the creativity of internet users, and their love for a good, clean laugh. The trend encouraged participants to share their imaginative 'booty' pictures. Some went an extra mile styling their pets in pirate outfits, while others baked pastries in treasure chest shapes. Truly, there’s no better way to break the ice, and foster a sense of global community in this ever-connected, digital age.

History behind the term 'Send A Booty Pic'


The birth of the camera phone

In 1999, the first camera phone, the Kyocera Visual Phone VP-210, was introduced in Japan. This breakthrough technology allowed users to take pictures instantly and send them to others via MMS or email. While the quality was initially limited, it marked the beginning of a new era in personal photography.


The rise of mobile messaging

With the growing popularity of mobile phones, text messaging became the preferred method of quick communication. Short Message Service (SMS) allowed individuals to exchange text messages, including images, with ease. This provided a platform for the early stages of sharing personal photos.


The era of sexting

In 2007, the term 'sexting' gained traction to describe the act of sending sexually suggestive messages, images, or videos via mobile phones. While not exclusively focused on 'booty pics', this cultural phenomenon contributed to the normalization of sending intimate photos in the digital age.


Popularity of social media and selfie culture

The rise of social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat in 2010 brought about a significant shift in how people interacted online. Selfies, or self-portraits, became a common way for individuals to express themselves and present their physical appearance. This self-expression extended to the sharing of more intimate images.


The birth of the 'booty pic'

As social media platforms gained popularity, the term 'booty pic' emerged as a playful and colloquial way to refer to a photograph of one's posterior. This term became associated with online flirtation and self-expression, often exchanged between romantic partners or as a form of body positivity.

Present day

Continued influence in popular culture

Today, the act of sending a 'booty pic' has become more common and widely accepted as a form of personal expression and connection. It has garnered attention in popular culture, with references in music, memes, and online discussions. However, it is important to note the importance of consent and respecting boundaries when engaging in such activities.

Did you know?

Did you know, some folks go all-out for National Send a Booty Pic Day? In 2020, an enthusiastic user hosted a pirate-themed party and even created an edible pirate's treasure map cake!


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9th March 2015

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9th October 2020

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