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Has the allure of zippy two-wheel transport ever tempted you? If so, clear your calendars for National Scooter Day! This under-the-radar holiday is a gem, as it brings together adventurous spirits from all walks of life to celebrate the thrill of scooting. In 2017, this day saw mentions spike like a daredevil on a downhill slope, making May 18th a ride to remember!

When is Scooter Day?

It's national scooter day on the 18th May.

A Brief History of National Scooter Day

On the surface, National Scooter Day might come off as a peculiar holiday, but even the most unassuming events often have the most fascinating tales. Online mentions for this day hit their peak on May 18th, 2017, an occurrence which left us wondering just when and how this two-wheeling extravaganza came to be. Sadly, uncovering the roots of National Scooter Day has proven to be as tricky as a freestyle scooter trick!

Scooting Into The Spotlight

Nevertheless, the rise in popularity of scooting and a whopping 2475 online mentions definitely justify a celebration. Scooters, once seen as just a toy, have evolved into a favored method of transportation in many cities worldwide, particularly as an answer to short-distance travel or the 'last mile' issue. National Scooter Day can be seen as an appreciation of this humble yet revolutionary transport tool.

How to Celebrate

National Scooter Day offers plenty of ways to celebrate. Scooter enthusiasts gather to share their love for their rides, and newbie riders are often welcomed into the fold. You could dust off your old scooter and take it for a spin, organize a local scooter parade, or even join a scooter club! You could also do a little bit of online activism, spreading awareness about the benefits of scooting - reducing carbon footprint being a major one!

History behind the term 'Scooter'


The Draisine Invention

In 1817, Karl Drais, a German inventor, created a novel mode of transportation known as the 'draisine.' This early form of a scooter consisted of a wooden frame with two wheels and a handlebar, allowing the rider to push themselves forward by kicking off the ground. The draisine gained popularity quickly, especially among the wealthy, who enjoyed its efficient and comfortable design.


The Hobby Horse

During the 1860s, the 'draisine' evolved into a more refined form called the 'hobby horse.' It featured a more significant front wheel, similar to a bicycle, and a smaller rear wheel, making it easier to ride. The hobby horse became a symbol of leisure and was often seen as a trendy means of transportation for both adults and children.


The Kick Scooter

In 1895, the kick scooter, as we know it today, was patented by a Swiss watchmaker named Wim Osterwald. This new design incorporated inline wheels, a footboard, and a handlebar for steering. Osterwald's kick scooter gained popularity among children as a fun and efficient way to get around, and it soon became a favorite outdoor toy.


The Streamlining Era

During the 1930s, scooters experienced a surge in popularity, thanks to advancements in technology and the streamlining trend of the time. Companies like Autoped and Vespa introduced scooters with enclosed engines and streamlined designs, making them faster and sleeker. Scooters were no longer just toys; they became a practical and stylish mode of transportation.


The Modern Scooter Revolution

In the early 2000s, scooters experienced another resurgence in popularity, primarily driven by urban commuters seeking an alternative means of transportation. With concerns over traffic congestion and environmental issues, scooters provided a convenient and eco-friendly solution. Electric scooters also became widely available, offering a quieter and more sustainable option for short-distance travel.

Did you know?

Did you know that Scooters were originally invented as a means for World War II military officers to get around quickly? From formal efficiency to fun efficiency, that's quite a journey!


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