National School Walkout Day

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Hey there, fellow knowledge seeker! Are you ready for a plucky little detour through the historic halls of National School Walkout Day? Perfect! Now, let your learning taste buds savour the dash of rebellious spirit, and a side of youthful determination that characterises this national day.

When is School Walkout Day?

It's national school walkout day on the 20th April.

The birth of National School Walkout Day

Nothing, and we mean nothing, really screams 'Youth Power!' like National School Walkout Day. First ringing out across the virtual world on April 20, 2018, this day marked a decisive point in internet trend history. It saw thousands of scholars bidding temporary goodbye to logarithms and Shakespeare sonnets to lead a nationwide demonstration demanding safer schools.

When sublime rebellion surpassed Sudoku puzzles

So, what led to this epic exodus from geography and geometry? Topping the charts on April 20, 2018, with 3848 mentions, National School Walkout Day wasn't just a symbolic one-day 'ta-ta!' to textbooks. Driven by a phenomenal wave of young activism following the tragic school shooting incidents, students marched out to make their voices heard- demanding tighter gun control legislations and safer learning spaces.

Looking back and stepping forward

Yes, dear friend, our curiosity machine has now brought us to contemporary times. Even years after its inception, National School Walkout Day remains as powerful an expression of the ability of the youth to affect a positive change. So, the magic question is, will you 'walkout' next year? Will you stand up, step out and advocate for your firm belief in the power of change?

History behind the term 'School Walkout'


The Beginnings of Student Activism

In 1968, student activism was on the rise across the United States. The civil rights movement and opposition to the Vietnam War fueled a growing dissatisfaction among young people. Students began to voice their opinions and demand change by organizing protests and demonstrations on college campuses.


A Response to the Vietnam War

The Vietnam War was a pivotal moment in the history of school walkouts. In 1972, as the conflict raged on, high school students in Pennsylvania staged a walkout to protest against the war. The students expressed their opposition to the draft and the military-industrial complex, aligning themselves with the anti-war sentiment of the time.


Standing Up Against Educational Inequality

In 1990, students began to use school walkouts as a means to advocate for educational equality. In Los Angeles, a massive walkout called "Blowout '90" protested the unequal treatment of minority students. It highlighted the disparities in resources, funding, and opportunities between schools in different socioeconomic areas.


Rallying for Immigration Reform

One of the significant milestones in the history of school walkouts occurred in 2010. Thousands of students from different parts of the United States walked out of their classes to protest against anti-immigration legislation. The demonstrations aimed to raise awareness about the impact of these policies on immigrant families and advocate for comprehensive immigration reform.


The Parkland Shooting and Gun Control

The tragic Parkland school shooting in 2018 ushered in a new wave of school walkouts. Students across the nation organized walkouts to demand stricter gun control measures and safer learning environments. The movement gained widespread attention and sparked a national conversation about gun violence prevention and the Second Amendment.

Did you know?

Did you know that the National School Walkout Day actually coincides with the anniversary of the tragic Columbine High School shooting incident in 1999, which adds a deep poignancy to this day?


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