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What's the one place where you can embark on epic adventures, explore the unknown depths of the universe and learn more about the world around you, all without leaving a comfy chair? No, it isn't your couch with a handheld video game! It's your school library and April 4 is celebrated as National School Librarian Day, a day dedicated to all the brilliant minds who make the library a treasure trove of knowledge.

When is School Librarian Day?

It's national school librarian day on the 4th April.

History of National School Librarian Day

In the vast world wide web, the precise origins of National School Librarian Day get lost amidst the virtual book stacks. However, the day has been widely recognized and appreciated on the trusty internet, with over 3557 mentions spotted online. The day got the most virtual support on April 4, 2020, when it was celebrated enthusiastically across various digital platforms.

Importance of School Librarians

School librarians play an instrumental role in our education. They're like superheroes with reading glasses, who help in nurturing a love for the written word among young minds by recommending them books that match their reading abilities and interests. They also aid in the development of essential research and study skills among students.

How to Celebrate National School Librarian Day?

While it may not be as widely recognized as National Doughnut Day, National School Librarian Day is just as important (if not more). Celebrate by showing your librarian some much-deserved appreciation. You could write them a heartfelt note or even organize a small gathering to say 'Thank You'. Or simply, by returning your overdue books!

History behind the term 'School Librarian'


Inception of Libraries

The concept of libraries and librarians dates back to ancient times, with early records suggesting the existence of libraries as early as 2600 BC in Mesopotamia. However, the modern idea of the school librarian began to take shape in the early 19th century.


Formation of School Libraries

During the 19th century, the establishment of public schools increased, leading to the creation of dedicated school libraries. School libraries were seen as vital to supporting and enhancing the education of students, providing access to books and resources.


Melvil Dewey: Pioneer of School Librarianship

In 1887, Melvil Dewey founded the American Library Association (ALA) in the United States. Dewey was a strong advocate for the role of librarians in schools and played a significant part in shaping the field of school librarianship.


Professionalization of School Librarians

During the early 20th century, the profession of school librarianship began to gain recognition and establish a set of standards. Librarians became trained professionals, taking on responsibilities such as cataloging, organizing, and managing library collections.


Integration of School Librarians into the Education System

In the mid-20th century, school librarians started to collaborate closely with teachers and become integral to the educational curriculum. They provided instructional support, taught information literacy skills, and assisted students in navigating the vast world of knowledge.


Advocacy for School Libraries

During the 1960s and 1970s, school library associations promoted the importance of school libraries and the role of librarians in fostering a lifelong love for reading and learning. These efforts led to increased funding, improved facilities, and the recognition of school librarians as educational partners.


Evolution in the Digital Age

In the present day, school librarians have adapted to the digital age. They incorporate technology, provide access to online resources, teach digital literacy skills, and foster critical thinking in an information-rich world. The role of the school librarian continues to evolve, ensuring students have the tools and support they need for academic success.

Did you know?

Did you know that the world's oldest library, the Library of Ashurbanipal, existed more than 3000 years ago and is known to have collected thousands of clay tablets? Clearly, the profession of librarians has a lot of history!


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