National School Bus Driver Appreciation Day

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February 22nd is not just another day in the calendar; it's a day we pay extra attention to the unsung heroes who take us to school and back, 5 days a week. Ladies and gentlemen, grab your lunchboxes and hop aboard for National School Bus Driver Appreciation Day!

When is School Bus Driver Appreciation Day?

It's national school bus driver appreciation day on the 22nd February.

All Aboard the Appreciation Express

Even though we only detected 81 mentions online around National School Bus Driver Appreciation Day, this dedication seems to be booming, with the most mentions caught on February 22nd, 2021. Admirably, the day dedicated to the yellow bus wielding, local child-chauffeur is growing. National School Bus Driver Appreciation Day, ever heard of it? Well, now you have.

A Brake for The Unsung Heroes

Every day, come rain or shine, our wonderful bus drivers are out there, picking us up and safely ferrying us to school. They navigate the treacherous morning traffic while keeping an eye on the rear-view mirror to ensure we're not causing too much of a ruckus. They remember our stops, and they always have a smile and a 'good morning' ready for us. For this extraordinary effort that happens five days a week, we say it's time to put the brakes on and appreciate our unsung heroes.

The History and Purpose

Founded with the understanding that it takes a village to raise a child, National School Bus Driver Appreciation Day is a space for acknowledgment and gratitude. Always held on February 22nd, it aims to highlight the life-affirming role our bus drivers play every day — safely transporting children to and from school, their silent yet profound contribution on our academic paths is undeniably colossal.

A Gearshift in Public Appreciation

Although we're seeing a dramatic increase in recognition, we believe all days should involve a moment of appreciation for our bus drivers. The more we support and show our gratitude to these silent wheels of our education system, the more people will join in, and the more our bus drivers will feel appreciated. Because let's face it, who doesn't love a heartfelt 'thank you' from time to time?

History behind the term 'School Bus Driver Appreciation'


The first motorized school buses

In 1915, the first motorized school buses were introduced. These buses were initially just ordinary automobiles or trucks that were painted or decorated to distinguish them as school transportation vehicles. They were also often modified to accommodate seating for a larger number of students. This marked a significant shift from the traditional horse-drawn school carriages that were used before.


The emergence of school bus drivers

By 1939, the practice of employing designated drivers to transport students to and from school became more common. These drivers were responsible for operating the motorized school buses and ensuring the safety of the students on board. With the growing number of school buses in service, the role of school bus drivers gained recognition as an essential profession.


The formation of a School Bus Driver Appreciation Day committee

In 1963, a committee was formed with the aim of recognizing and appreciating the dedication and service of school bus drivers. This committee sought to establish a formal day dedicated to showing gratitude to these individuals for their role in safely transporting students. The committee worked towards creating awareness and gaining support for their cause.


The first School Bus Driver Appreciation Day

In 1964, the first School Bus Driver Appreciation Day was celebrated in the United States. This day was designated to honor and recognize the contributions of school bus drivers in ensuring the welfare and education of children. It aimed to promote respect for the profession and highlight the hard work and commitment of drivers who ensure safe transportation for students day in and day out.


Continued appreciation and recognition

Today, School Bus Driver Appreciation Day continues to be observed annually, usually on the fourth Tuesday of April. It serves as a reminder to express gratitude and acknowledge the vital role school bus drivers play in the education system. Various activities and events are organized throughout the country to honor these dedicated individuals. From heartfelt thank you notes to small tokens of appreciation, it is a day to show gratitude for their tireless efforts.

Did you know?

Did you know that the 'yellow school bus yellow' is an official color in the US? The color was adopted for safety reasons due to its high visibility in the early dawn and twilight hours,


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