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Ah, kindness—what a charming trait, and how much more charming it becomes on National Say Something Nice Day! An annual celebration of 'Being Nice', this day is all about sprinkling a bit more kindness in the world, one compliment at a time.

When is Say Something Nice Day?

It's national say something nice day on the 1st June.

What is National Say Something Nice Day?

Just as the very name suggests, National Say Something Nice Day is an entire 24 hours devoted to the simple and yet profound act of being nice. Established as a national day in 2006 by the mayor of North Charleston, this day got its rather amusing claim to fame when the communication departments of South Carolina Baptist Convention and Charleston-Atlantic Presbytery decided the world needed a little more kindness.

The Online Buzz

Our trusty web crawlers detected a whopping 2635 mentions of National Say Something Nice Day. It seems the nicest of them all was the 1st of June, 2015, which saw the day receiving the most online mentions. You could say it was the Internet giving the day a hearty virtual pat on the back!

The Impact of Being Nice

It's quite intriguing to observe the ripple effect of a kind word. What appears to be minuscule at first often sets off a chain of positive interactions. This day encapsulates that perfectly. In fact, it serves as a reminder that everyone could use a little extra kindness in their lives, and there’s no better day than National Say Something Nice Day to give and receive it!

History behind the term 'Say Something Nice'

16th century

Genesis of etiquette

During the 16th century, a shift in social norms began to take place. The nobility and aristocracy of Europe started to embrace the concept of civility and manners. As part of this newfound emphasis on proper behavior, people began to express the importance of speaking kindly and politely to one another.

19th century

The rise of 'say something nice'

In the 19th century, with the growing popularity of etiquette books and guides, the phrase 'say something nice' gained recognition as an informal rule of social interaction. It became a gentle reminder for individuals to always find something positive to say, even in the face of disagreement or when dealing with difficult situations.

20th century

Positive psychology and 'say something nice'

During the 20th century, positive psychology emerged as a field focusing on the science of happiness and human well-being. 'Say something nice' became more closely associated with the idea of nurturing healthy relationships and fostering positive emotions. It became recognized as a simple, yet powerful tool for creating a more harmonious and compassionate society.

21st century

Social media and the 'say something nice' movement

With the advent of social media platforms in the 21st century, the 'say something nice' movement found new avenues for expression. Online communities and campaigns encouraged individuals to use social media as a platform for spreading kindness and positivity. Hashtags such as #SaySomethingNice gained popularity, further amplifying the message of compassion and empathy.

Did you know?

In the hustle and bustle of your day, it might have escaped your notice that being nice doesn’t just make others happy—it has remarkable benefits for you too! Studies show that being kind can significantly boost your mood and decrease stress levels. So, on National Say Something Nice Day, you’re not just sowing seeds of kindness—you’re basically planting a garden of happiness!


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