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Oh, be still my beating's time for National Sally Day! Get ready as we whisk you away on a journey of discovery in celebration of this quirky and lesser-known national day, which for some reason, absolutely blitzed the internet on 15th December 2016.

When is Sally Day?

It's national sally day on the 15th December.

What's the Deal with National Sally Day?

Well, first off, let's establish this isn't about a mass congregation of people named Sally. Although, if you are named Sally, feel free to take this celebration personally. But no, National Sally Day was a blip on the internet radar that took everybody by surprise in 2016.

The 15th of December 2016 - The Day of Sally

On this day, the internet went whirly-bob with a record 5014 mentions of National Sally Day. Social media was lit with hashtags, and digital confetti fluttered across millions of screens. There were virtual parades, online quizzes and a tornado of memes. But why? Well, it remains part of the enigma that is the internet. Facts swirled away as quickly as they brewed, leaving us all in a gumbo of guessing.

What Does One Do On National Sally Day?

Sally is an old English word meaning ‘to leap out’ or ‘venture’. So in the absence of specific traditions or rituals, feel free to make this a day of exciting endeavors. Leap out of your comfort zone and venture into something new – it’s what Sally would want! Go for a run, try a new recipe, commit a random act of kindness.

History behind the term 'Sally'


The Birth of 'Sally'

The term 'sally' was first recorded in 1563 and originated from the French word 'sallie,' which means a sudden rush or outburst. It was initially used mainly in military contexts to describe a spontaneous attack or assault launched by a besieged force. Over time, the term expanded its usage to describe any impromptu or spirited action, not just in warfare.


The Wild West and Cowboy Slang

During the late 1800s in the United States, the term 'sally' gained popularity among cowboys and in Wild West slang. Cowboys used 'sally' to refer to a courageous and daring leap or move, especially while riding horses or engaging in cattle roundups. The term became firmly associated with the adventurous spirit and thrill-seeking nature of the American West.


Sassy Sallys in the Roaring Twenties

In the 1920s, the term 'sally' took on a new meaning as it entered the realm of popular culture. During the Roaring Twenties, 'sally' became slang for a spirited and saucy young woman who exhibited lively and independent behavior. These 'sassy Sallys' were often associated with the flapper culture, challenging traditional gender roles and embracing a more liberated lifestyle.


Sally Ride: Breaking Barriers in Space

One of the most influential bearers of the name 'Sally' was Sally Ride, an American astronaut who became the first woman to travel to space in 1983. Sally Ride's historic achievement not only inspired a generation of women to pursue careers in science and space exploration but also brought the name 'Sally' into the limelight. During this time, 'Sally' became associated with bravery, determination, and breaking down barriers.

Present Day

A Versatile Term

In the present day, the term 'sally' continues to be used in various contexts, reflecting its long and rich history. From its military origins to its association with the Wild West, flapper culture, and pioneering women, 'sally' encompasses a range of meanings. It can describe a spontaneous attack, a daring leap, a spirited young woman, or a symbol of courage and breaking barriers. 'Sally' remains versatile and resonates with different aspects of cultural history.

Did you know?

Did you know that 'Sally' was once used in the 1900s UK as slang for a boat? We can't figure out the correlation to this day, but perhaps some creative soul can come up with a 'Sally-boat-leaps-out' themed event!


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