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Whether you're an ice cream nut or a seltzer fanatic, you probably didn't know that there's a day specifically set aside for your unique taste: National Root Beer Float Day! This national day, which bubbles up with popularity every year (particularly on August 6, 2015), has a frothy history as rich as the treat itself. So grab a mug, scoop in some ice cream, and pour on the root beer as we dive into why this cool combination has its very own day of honor.

When is Root Beer Float Day?

It's national root beer float day on the 6th August.

The history of National Root Beer Float Day

Contrary to popular belief, there isn't some centuries-old lore about ancient civilizations crafting root beer floats on the full moon. Nope, National Root Beer Float Day is truly a product of modern history, much like the delicious drink it represents. Our records show an impressive 6856 online mentions of this day that celebrates the fusion of creamy vanilla ice cream and zesty root beer.

The day that received the most mentions was August 6, 2015 – a day that will forever be marked in frosty mug history. This suggests that the holiday has gained popularity in recent years, with more and more people looking to raise a mug to this classic dessert-drink duo.

Why celebrate National Root Beer Float Day?

Why not? Besides the sheer delight of indulging in a tasty calorific treat, celebrating National Root Beer Float Day is also a chance to reminisce. Do you remember your first root beer float? The sensation of the creamy ice cream fizzing away into the tangy root beer is something that often sticks in our memories, especially if we shared this treat with family or friends. So take this opportunity to not only dip your spoon into a float but also dive into the frothy pool of nostalgia.

How to Earn Your Mug on National Root Beer Float Day

Now that you're excited, you want to celebrate, right? Great! Just follow these steps: Firstly, get yourself a large mug (the bigger, the better). Secondly, drop in a healthy scoop (or three) of your favorite vanilla ice cream. Thirdly, crown it with a generous pouring of root beer, watching the magic as the two mingle and froth. And finally, feel free to drop in a straw and a spoon, because who said you have to choose? Happy sipping and spooning!

History behind the term 'Root Beer Float'


The Birth of Root Beer

In 1874, Charles Elmer Hires, a Philadelphia pharmacist, created the first commercially successful root beer. Inspired by a root tea recipe he had tasted, Hires formulated a delicious concoction using a blend of roots, herbs, and spices. This non-alcoholic beverage became popular for its medicinal qualities and refreshing taste.


The First Float

The first root beer float was supposedly invented by a Colorado mining camp cook named Frank J. Wisner. It is said that in 1893, on a hot summer day, Wisner got creative and added a scoop of vanilla ice cream to his root beer. The frozen treat floated on top, resembling a small snow-capped mountain, which led him to name it the 'Black Cow'. His creation quickly gained popularity.


The Official Name: Root Beer Float

In 1924, the term 'Root Beer Float' was officially coined. A newspaper in Colorado ran an advertisement promoting an upcoming event and referred to the beverage as a 'Root Beer Float.' The name caught on, and from then on, this delightful combination of root beer and ice cream has been known by that name.


Fountain Creation!

In 1948, the first automatic soda fountain ice cream freezer was invented, which made it easier for soda fountains and ice cream parlors to serve Root Beer Floats. This invention led to an increase in popularity as it became more accessible and convenient for customers to enjoy this delightful treat.

Present Day

Root Beer Float Day

Root Beer Floats have become a beloved American drink and are celebrated annually on August 6th, which is recognized as National Root Beer Float Day. It's a day where people indulge in the classic combination of root beer and ice cream, enjoying the sweet, fizzy, and creamy flavors that have captivated taste buds for decades.

Did you know?

Although vanilla ice cream is the classic choice for a root beer float, you can experiment with other flavors! Fancy a hint of strawberry, chocolate or caramel in your float? Go ahead and scoop away!


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