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Celebrating the fiery passion of the redheads around the world, National Redhead Day has painted the internet a lively shade of rouge. Dive into the exhilarating journey of this bright-haired bonanza and explore untamed waves of rich history, vibrant customs, and delightful trivia waiting to be unfurled.

When is Redhead Day?

It's national redhead day on the 6th November.

The Rise of the Redheads

Bubbling up from the digital cauldron of the internet, National Redhead Day has been setting the online world ablaze. Caught in the crimson tide, we discovered 9371 mentions marking this day, with the highest interactions recorded on November 6, 2019. Indicating a scarlet surge in collective admiration for this unique hair hue.

The Fiery Festivities

Red hair, blessed with hues ranging from deep burgundy to burnt orange, has always held a certain mystique, a blend of allure and intrigue. With roughly just 2% of the world population sporting this fiery crown, it's an exuberance that begs to be celebrated. National Redhead Day gives fans of flame-haired folks the perfect platform for appreciation, showcasing the radiant beauty and fierce spirit that defines redheads.

A Curl of History

While the genesis of National Redhead Day is somewhat clouded, its popularity is crystal clear. Rapidly spreading across social media platforms with hashtags and posts dedicated to celebrating the vermilion vibrancy, this day of burnished celebration has streaked across the digital skies like a flaming comet.

Shining a Light

Despite the many playful stereotypes, from the fiery temper to magic-infused sorcery, this day strives to debunk myths, while highlighting the dazzling diversity of red hair. Encapsulating a beautiful array of shades, nationalities, and personalities, National Redhead Day is more than just a nod towards a hairstyle; it’s a resounding applause for individuality.

History behind the term 'Redhead'


Red-haired Vikings

The term 'redhead' can be traced back to the Normans and the Vikings during the Middle Ages. It is believed that the Vikings who settled in Normandy passed on their genes for red hair to the local population. The Vikings were known for their fiery red hair, and they even had a nickname for red-haired warriors in their sagas, calling them 'roðskegg,' which means 'red beard' in Old Norse.


Early Appearance in English

The term 'redhead' made its first appearance in the English language in the early 16th century. It was a simple, straightforward term used to describe individuals with red hair, referring to the distinctive color of their hair as well as their head. Red hair was considered unique and eye-catching, often associated with fiery temperaments and passionate personalities.


Red-Headed League

In 1851, the term 'redhead' gained further prominence through Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's famous detective story 'The Red-Headed League.' The story revolved around a bizarre organization that specifically recruited red-headed men for a mysterious purpose. This popular fictional portrayal helped solidify the term 'redhead' in popular culture and added to the intrigue surrounding individuals with red hair.


Red Hair Stereotypes

During the late 19th century, various stereotypes and misconceptions about redheads began to emerge. They were often associated with negative traits such as being hot-tempered, wild, or even possessing supernatural abilities. These stereotypes, though largely unfounded, contributed to the fascination and curiosity surrounding redheads, further cementing their place in society's imagination.

20th Century

Redheads in Pop Culture

Throughout the 20th century, redheads have played significant roles in popular culture. From iconic characters like Anne Shirley in 'Anne of Green Gables' to beloved figures like Ronald McDonald, red hair became closely associated with charm, vibrant personalities, and distinctive appearances. This positive representation helped shift the perception of redheads from stereotypes to symbols of individuality and uniqueness.


Celebrating Red Hair

Today, the term 'redhead' is widely recognized and celebrated. It highlights not only the physical attribute of red hair but also the diverse range of individuals who proudly embrace their flame-colored locks. National days dedicated to redheads, such as National Redhead Day, contribute to raising awareness and appreciation for the beauty of red hair and the vibrant individuals who possess it.

Did you know?

Red hair naturally occurs in 1% to 2% of the human population. It appears with greater frequency (2% to 6%) among people in northern or western European ancestry.


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