National Red Rose Day

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Welcome to the wonderful world of National Red Rose Day! Prepare to be enchanted by the beauty and romance of this delightful celebration.

When is Red Rose Day?

It's national red rose day on the 12th June.

The Internet History of National Red Rose Day

Ah, the red rose. The universal symbol of love, passion, and cheesy rom-com gestures. But how did this beautiful flower become the star of its very own national day? Let's take a journey through the annals of internet history to uncover the origins of National Red Rose Day.

Our online sensors have detected a whopping 1871 mentions of National Red Rose Day across the vast expanse of the internet. The peak of rose-related fervor occurred on June 12, 2015, when flower enthusiasts and hopeless romantics alike flooded the digital realm with declarations of love and admiration for the red rose.

But who proclaimed this day of scarlet botanical bliss? While the exact origins remain shrouded in mystery, it's safe to assume that National Red Rose Day was established by an ardent lover of all things floral. Perhaps a devoted horticulturist seeking to honor the unparalleled beauty of the red rose, or a budding poet inspired by the romance this flower represents. Whoever it may be, we salute you!

So, how can you celebrate this fragrant festivity? Well, it's quite simple. All you need to do is find yourself a red rose, embrace its velvety petals, and revel in the sheer elegance that nature has bestowed upon us. Whether you give it to a loved one, adorn your home with its vibrant presence, or simply admire its beauty from afar, the red rose will undoubtedly bring a touch of romance to your day.

Did You Know?

On National Red Rose Day, did you know that red roses are not only a symbol of love, but they also represent respect, courage, and congratulations? So next time you want to show someone you admire them or wish to celebrate their achievements, consider presenting them with a glorious bouquet of crimson roses.

History behind the term 'Red Rose'

15th century

Symbol of Love

During the 15th century, the red rose began to be widely associated with love and romance. This association can be traced back to the ancient Romans and Greeks, who considered the rose to be the flower of their love goddesses, such as Venus and Aphrodite. The red color of the rose was believed to symbolize deep passion and desire, making it an ideal choice for expressing love and affection.

18th century

Symbol of Romantic Love

In the 18th century, the red rose further solidified its position as a symbol of romantic love. This was largely due to the influence of the English poet Robert Burns and his famous poem 'A Red, Red Rose.' Burns compared his love to a red rose, immortalizing the flower's association with passionate and eternal affection. The poem became immensely popular and helped popularize the red rose as the ultimate symbol of love.

19th century

Symbol of the War of the Roses

The term 'red rose' gained even greater significance during the 19th century due to its association with the War of the Roses, a series of civil wars fought in England between the House of Lancaster, symbolized by the red rose, and the House of York, symbolized by the white rose. The red rose came to represent the Lancastrians and their cause for power and control. This historical event added a layer of political and cultural significance to the red rose, making it a symbol of loyalty, devotion, and patriotism.

20th century

Symbol of Valentine's Day

In the 20th century, the red rose became synonymous with Valentine's Day, the annual celebration of love on February 14th. This association is believed to have originated from the Victorian era, where sending red roses became a popular practice among lovers. Today, gifting a bouquet of red roses on Valentine's Day is considered a traditional and timeless gesture of love and affection, conveying deep emotions and admiration.

Present Day

Universal Symbol of Love

The red rose remains an enduring symbol of love and passion in modern times. It has transcended cultural boundaries and has become a universal emblem of deep affection and desire. Whether in literature, art, or romantic gestures, the red rose continues to captivate hearts and serves as a timeless symbol of love and romance.

Did you know?

On National Red Rose Day, did you know that red roses are not only a symbol of love, but they also represent respect, courage, and congratulations?


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