National Rebel Day

A rebellious individual with a unique and unconventional style, wearing clothes that make a statement. The person is surrounded by an urban setting, with graffiti-covered walls and vibrant street art. They exude confidence and defiance, challenging societal norms with their bold choices. The image captures the spirit of National Rebel Day, encouraging individuals to embrace their inner renegade and think outside the box..
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What do you get when revolutionaries and hype meet digital social media? National Rebel Day! Although with only 4 mentions online, arguably still in its rebellion phase against mainstream recognition.

When is Rebel Day?

It's national rebel day on the 22nd October.

Is Rebel Without a Cause an Evergreen Motto?

Arriving on the global calendar with literally a bit of a bang in 2017, National Rebel Day has been observed on the mild-mannered 22nd of October. While not quite as widespread as national 'love your pet' day, there's a certain cryptic charm that entices the rebellious spirit within us all.

When a Rebel Yells, Does Anyone Hear?

The day seems to echo with a rebellious battle cry summoning us all to embrace our inner renegade. The key is not to revolt against your daily vegetables, though, but to challenge the norm, think differently, and creatively disrupt for the better. Luckily, bedtimes are not mentioned as part of this rebellion, phew!

Celebrating the Day Like a Rebel

If you've been waiting for a legitimate excuse to dye your hair blue or tell your boss what you think of their email jargon - caution advised here, it's important to remember rebelliousness requires a blend of bravery and savvy!

Isn't Every Day Rebel Day?

Most likely, the genius behind this day woke up on the 22nd of October 2017 and just decided no more 'making my bed' or 'eating that last carrot on the plate'! Since then, the tiny wave of rebellion has been building on the internet. Wear that unmatched sock combo with pride!

History behind the term 'Rebel'

14th century

Etymology of 'rebel'

The term 'rebel' originates from the Latin word 'rebellare', which means 'to wage war again'. In the 14th century, it was borrowed into Middle English as 'rebelle'.

15th century

Emergence of the Rebel Alliance

The term 'rebel' gained popularity during the 15th century in reference to the rebels who rose against the monarchy or tyrannical rulers. It was a term used to describe those who revolted and resisted authority.

18th century

American Revolution

One of the most significant moments in rebellion and the rise of the term 'rebel' was the American Revolution. American colonists, who were considered rebels by the British government, fought for independence from British rule.

19th century

Romanticizing Rebellion

During the 19th century, the concept of rebellion started to be romanticized through various artistic and literary works. Rebels were often portrayed as figures of bravery, freedom fighters, or champions of justice. This romanticized image of rebellion contributed to the popularization of the term 'rebel' in cultural discourse.

20th century

Civil Rights Movements

Throughout the 20th century, various civil rights movements emerged around the world, challenging oppressive systems and advocating for equality. The terms 'rebel' and 'rebellion' were frequently used to describe the individuals and groups involved in these movements, fighting against racial segregation, discrimination, and social injustice.

21st century

Pop Culture Icons

In the 21st century, rebellion has become a popular theme in pop culture, with iconic figures like Che Guevara, James Dean, and Bob Marley epitomizing the rebellious spirit. The term 'rebel' continues to be associated with those who defy norms, challenge authority, and pursue change.


Rebel as an Empowering Identity

Today, the term 'rebel' has evolved to become an empowering identity for individuals who embrace nonconformity, independence, and the courage to challenge existing systems. It represents a spirit of resistance, autonomy, and rebellion against injustice in various aspects of life.

Did you know?

The most mentions of National Rebel Day online were on its inaugural date in 2017.


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22nd October 2017

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22nd October 2017

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