National Read Across America Day

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Dust off those reading glasses and get ready for a trip down the literary lanes! It's time to get lost in a world of imagination, where dragons soar, mysteries unravel, and the human spirit shines because it's National Read Across America Day!

When is Read Across America Day?

It's national read across america day on the 2nd March.

What's the Buzz about National Read Across America Day?

Initiated by the National Education Association, National Read Across America Day was set up to motivate children (and adults!) across the country to pick up a book and embrace the magic that lies between those pages. Each year the event garners thousands of online mentions, with a whopping 6984 in a single year! Around since 1998, the day holds special significance on March 2, as it coincides with the birthday of the evergreen children's author, Dr. Seuss – because who doesn't love green eggs and ham?

Internet's Love for Reading

The internet truly caught the reading fever on March 2nd, 2016, showing peak online chatter about National Read Across America Day. People took to social media to showcase their love for books and reading, also sharing what they were reading, and why reading matters. The event went viral, with renowned authors, celebrities, and book-lovers all pitching in their words of inspiration.

Everyone's a Reader!

Who said only bibliophiles have all the fun? Even if you aren't a book lover, National Read Across America Day is for everyone. It's a day of celebrating the joy that comes with a great story, whether it's a printed book, e-book, or an audiobook. Reading expands our knowledge, develops our minds, and gives life to our imaginations - that's worth grabbing a book for, isn't it?

History behind the term 'Read Across America'


The Birth of Read Across America

Read Across America was founded by the National Education Association (NEA) in 1998 as a program to encourage reading among children and young adults. The goal was to motivate students to read and make reading an enjoyable part of their lives. The program aimed to celebrate the joy of reading and the birthday of the renowned children's author, Dr. Seuss, on March 2.


Congressional Recognition

In 2002, Read Across America gained recognition and support from the United States Congress. The Senate and the House of Representatives passed a resolution designating March 2 as Read Across America Day. This official recognition further enhanced the program's status and helped increase its reach across the nation.


Expanded Participation

As Read Across America gained popularity, more organizations, schools, libraries, and communities joined the initiative. The program expanded its activities beyond schools and started involving celebrities, athletes, politicians, and community leaders to inspire and engage young readers. It became a nationwide celebration of reading and literacy.


Partnerships and Collaborations

Read Across America formed numerous partnerships and collaborations with various organizations, including publishers, bookstores, and educational institutions. These collaborations aimed to provide resources, access to books, and promote reading-related events throughout the year. Their combined efforts helped foster a culture of reading and increased access to quality literature.


Digital Engagement

To keep up with the evolving landscape of education and technology, Read Across America embraced digital engagement. The program started leveraging online platforms, social media, and digital reading resources to reach a wider audience. It encouraged the use of electronic books and online reading platforms as additional avenues to develop reading habits and skills.


Adapting to Virtual Celebrations

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the need for social distancing, Read Across America quickly adapted its celebrations to virtual platforms. Virtual readings, author discussions, and online activities became prominent features of the program. This adaptation ensured that the spirit of Read Across America continued, even during challenging times.

Did you know?

Did you know that National Read Across America Day was initially created to be celebrated in schools? It was meant to encourage reading among children but eventually grew popular among adults too!


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