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Oh, who the helm is Ra, you might ask? Well, for those who aren't spelunking in the depths of Egyptian mythology, Ra is the ancient sun god. Famed for his solar-powered diligence and his tireless drive to keep the day bright and engaging, Ra has been winning hearts since around 2400 BC (yes, that's long before batteries, folks!). Now, we know what you're thinking, 'National Ra Appreciation Day? Seems a tad arcane'. But stay with us, because on February 17th we love celebrating this fiery deity!

When is Ra Appreciation Day?

It's national ra appreciation day on the 17th February.

A Sliver of Sunshine: Ra's Reign

Indulge with me, if you will, in a quick history lesson. The Ancient Egyptians had a god for just about everything and sitting right at the top of the deity food chain was Ra, the sun god. Ra was thought to govern the sun, which was seen as the source of all life. From wheat to routine suntans, Ra was behind it all. The Egyptians held a deep appreciation for Ra, believing that his eye shot rays of heat and light, birthing everything from plants to humans. So integral was Ra that even Pharaohs claimed to be his direct descendants!

The Rise of National Ra Appreciation Day

On February 17th, the zesty sun god found new fame in the world of social media. 'National Ra Appreciation Day' began getting a mention in 2016. The day sees history buffs, fans of mythology, and lovers of all things sunny come together to celebrate the ancient god and his story. From sunrise selfies to trivia quizzes about Ra, social media platforms become a solar-strewn landscape on this day, with posts dedicated to appreciating this divine personality from past times.

How to Celebrate

Celebrating National Ra Appreciation Day can be as fun as you make it. Read a book on Egyptian mythology, catch a sunrise (don't forget your IG story), or maybe even bake sun-shaped cookies (bet you didn't see that one coming). The world is your sunny oyster on this day, a chance to bask in and extend this sun god's warm embrace with friends, family, or even your history teacher.

History behind the term 'Ra Appreciation'


The Birth of RAs

Resident Assistants, commonly known as RAs, first emerged in the 1970s as a result of the increasing demand for student support in university dormitories. RAs are student leaders responsible for fostering a sense of community and providing guidance to their fellow residents.


Recognizing RA Contributions

In 1995, the first known instance of RA Appreciation emerged. Student communities and universities began realizing the invaluable contributions made by RAs in supporting and enriching the college experience. They wanted to dedicate a special time to acknowledge their hard work and express gratitude for their efforts.


First RA Appreciation Day

The inaugural RA Appreciation Day was celebrated in 2001, aiming to recognize and honor the essential role RAs play in the college community. This day provided an opportunity for universities and fellow students to show appreciation through various events, gestures, and expressions of gratitude.


Growing Recognition and Awareness

As the years went by, the awareness and recognition of RA Appreciation increased. More universities and colleges joined in, expanding the celebration beyond a single day to an entire week dedicated to appreciating RAs. This allowed for a wider range of activities and events to honor their contributions.


Continuing Tradition and Cultural Impact

RA Appreciation has become deeply ingrained in the college culture, celebrating the selfless dedication and support RAs provide to fellow students. Students and universities continue to find new and creative ways to honor RAs, ensuring they know their efforts are valued and appreciated.

Did you know?

Did you know that according to ancient Egyptian myth, Ra drives his sun chariot across the sky during the day, only to be swallowed every evening by the sky goddess Nut? Then, he’s reborn each morning! That’s quite a commute to work, isn’t it?


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