National Pug Day

An adorable pug with a smooshed face wearing a fashionable bowtie, surrounded by a flurry of pug-themed art and photos, symbolizing the cuteness overload that is National Pug Day. The scene includes pug owners and admirers showering their love on social media, sharing pug memes, participating in pug meet-ups, and even dressing their pugs as hilarious characters like superheroes and mermaids. The image also incorporates the important message of promoting pug rescue and adoption, with a heartwarming scene of volunteers at a pug rescue organization caring for the lovable dogs..
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Ah, National Pug Day! When our beloved googly-eyed friends take the center stage and the internet buzzes with an extra dose of 'awws' and laughter. Celebrated on the 15th of October every year, this day is all about appreciating the snuggly charm and boundless joy these little bundles bring into our lives.

When is Pug Day?

It's national pug day on the 15th October.

A Pug-tastic Celebration

National Pug Day, with its humble beginnings, has skyrocketed into an online phenomenon becoming one of the most cherished days for dog lovers. The day was first celebrated in 2012, and it was a sight to behold. Pug owners and admirers alike swarmed the virtual stage to shower their love and admire the hilarity that are pugs. Oodles of pug photos, videos, and fan art made the internet groan under the weight of the overwhelming cuteness.

The Most Memorable Year – 2015

2015 witnessed the zenith of this day with a mind-boggling 12,287 mentions online. This no doubt skyrocketed the global gumption for the charming breed and their lovable, smooshed faces. Online platforms became a playground for sharing hilarious pug memes, adorable photoshoots and pug meet-ups. Celebrity pugs also made headlines. The world watched and chuckled as pugs dressed as minions, superheroes and even mermaids!

Acknowledging The Purpose

While the day is all about fun, it's also important to remember the purpose of National Pug Day, which is to promote pug rescue and adoption. So, while scrolling through those cute pug pictures, take time to promote responsible pet ownership, consider volunteering at a local pug rescue or make a small donation. After all, every pug deserves a loving home.

History behind the term 'Pug'

400 BCE

Ancient Beginnings

The history of the term 'pug' dates back to around 400 BCE in ancient China. Chinese emperors and nobles kept small, flat-faced dogs known as Lo-Sze as pets. These Lo-Sze dogs had similar facial features to modern-day pugs, and their distinct appearance and charming personalities made them highly sought after companions.

16th Century

Arrival in Europe

In the 16th century, Dutch traders brought the pugs to Europe from China. The pugs quickly gained popularity among European aristocracy, especially in the Netherlands and then later in other European countries. They became favored pets of European royals and were often depicted in paintings from this era.

18th Century

Pugs in the Palace

During the 18th century, pugs became highly regarded at the royal courts of Europe. In particular, pugs were favored by the House of Orange-Nassau in the Netherlands and then by British royalty. Queen Victoria of England owned a series of pugs and played a significant role in popularizing the breed among the British elite.

19th Century

Becoming 'Pugs'

The term 'pug' originated in the 19th century. It is believed to have derived from the Latin word 'pugnus,' meaning 'fist.' This name likely references the pug's compact, muscular build and rounded head, resembling a clenched fist. The term 'pug' gradually replaced other names used for the breed and has since become universally recognized.

20th Century

Pop Culture and Global Recognition

In the 20th century, pugs gained even more popularity and recognition worldwide. They appeared in various movies and television shows, further enhancing their status as beloved companion animals. Pugs became prominent in pop culture, often depicted as quirky, humorous, and lovable characters. Their popularity has continued to grow, making them one of the most adored dog breeds globally.

Did you know?

Did you know the name pug originated from a Latin word 'pugnus,' meaning 'fist'? It’s believed that the wrinkly face of a pug resembles a clenched fist.


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