National Prosecco Day

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Ah, Prosecco! Is there a better way to say 'Cheers to life!' than with a glass of this sparkling Italian delight? Not that we know of! Welcome to the internet history of National Prosecco Day, that's been causing fizzy madness since... well, let's pop the cork and dive right in!

When is Prosecco Day?

It's national prosecco day on the 13th August.

A Snapshot of Prosecco's Bubbles and the Internet

Prosecco, the often-underappreciated sibling of Champagne, has been getting its fair share of internet love. With a whopping 5905 mentions online, it's clear that this effervescent event is truly bubbling up. The internet truly fizzed up with prosecco love on 13th August 2019 - the day that holds the record for the most online chatter about National Prosecco Day.

Bubbling Origin Story

Prosecco hails from the Veneto region of Italy, but its digital origins are much more recent. While the plush wine has been relished for centuries, the dedicated day to celebrate its bubbly brilliance, the National Prosecco Day, is a millennial baby. It was first poured onto the internet in the early 2000s and has since trickled onto numerous blogs, social media posts, and wine enthusiasts' forums.

Sip, Savour, Share!

The best way to celebrate National Prosecco Day? Pop open a bottle and enjoy it with friends or family! Many also discuss their favorite Prosecco brands, pairing suggestions, or fun toasts online. It's not just about enjoying the sparkly beverage; it's about celebrating the joy, companionship, laughter, and memories it represents!

Did you know?

While Prosecco may often be compared to Champagne, it's uniquely fermented, using the 'Italian method'. This technique preserves the flavors and aromatics of the grape - and that's what gives Prosecco its distinct bubbly charm!


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13th August 2019

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