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Take a trip back to your childhood memories as we say 'It's Morphin' Time.' To your surprise, yes, there is a National Power Rangers Day and yes, it's as fantastic as it sounds. So bring out your action figures, dust off your mighty Morphin merchandise, and let's dive right into it.

When is Power Rangers Day?

It's national power rangers day on the 28th August.

The Morphin Mighty History

Established by the Hasbro franchise, National Power Rangers Day is celebrated on August 28th every year. This day was first declared in the year 2018, marking 25 years since the Power Rangers made their television debut. The fact that there were 2838 mentions online and the most mentions were on August 28th, 2020, only adds to its popularity.

A Day for Superheroes

National Power Rangers Day is all about celebrating the iconic heroes that became a significant part of many childhoods. Whether your favorite was the Red, Yellow, Blue, Pink, or Green Ranger, this day brings back nostalgic memories of afternoons spent in front of the TV, watching these heroes battling against evil forces to safeguard the world.

Ways to Celebrate

To celebrate, fans do everything from hosting Power Rangers themed parties, having marathon viewings of the show, dressing up like their favorite Ranger, to posting their love for the hero team on social media platforms. Some fans even recreate their favorite epic battles, but hopefully without breaking any furniture at home!

History behind the term 'Power Rangers'


The Birth of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

In 1993, the world was introduced to the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, a popular American superhero television series. Created by Haim Saban and Shuki Levy, this live-action show combined footage from the Japanese series Super Sentai with new American scenes. The show followed the adventures of a group of teenagers chosen by the wise Zordon to become the Power Rangers, a team of heroes who protected the Earth from evil forces.


Power Rangers Go Global

By 1995, the Power Rangers phenomenon had spread across the globe. The show became a massive hit among children and teenagers, captivating audiences with its unique blend of action, humor, and colorful characters. The Power Rangers brand expanded beyond television and into toys, video games, comics, and movies. The franchise gained a loyal following, with fans eagerly collecting merchandise and imitating their favorite characters.


The Modern Era: Power Rangers Samurai

In 2010, the Power Rangers franchise reinvented itself with Power Rangers Samurai. This new iteration embraced cutting-edge special effects, updated suits, and a refreshed storyline. Power Rangers Samurai aimed to revitalize the series for a new generation of fans while still paying homage to its roots. The show continued to emphasize teamwork, friendship, and the battle against evil, captivating audiences with its exciting action sequences.


Power Rangers on the Big Screen

Power Rangers made their return to the big screen in 2017 with a reboot film simply titled Power Rangers. Directed by Dean Israelite, the movie offered a modern take on the beloved characters, blending action, humor, and emotional depth. Although it received mixed reviews, the movie introduced the Power Rangers to a new generation of moviegoers, keeping the franchise alive and relevant.


Celebrating Over 25 Years of Power Rangers

As of 2021, the Power Rangers franchise continues to thrive, marking over 25 years of captivating audiences worldwide. The series has undergone numerous iterations and adaptations, with each new season introducing a fresh lineup of Rangers and exploring different themes. Power Rangers has left a lasting cultural impact, inspiring young viewers to believe in the power of friendship, teamwork, and standing up for what is right.

Did you know?

Did you know that the Power Rangers franchise was based on a Japanese television series named 'Super Sentai'? Now, how zabarustin is that!


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