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Get your hard hats ready and brace your car suspensions, because we're about to dive head-first into National Pothole Day! Yes, you read it right. There's a whole dedication to these car-jarring, coffee-spilling nuisances that we've all come to know... and not exactly love. But don't worry, no tires were harmed in the making of this day!

When is Pothole Day?

It's national pothole day on the 8th March.

When is National Pothole Day?

Held annually, National Pothole Day is a bit of a bumpy ride (get it?), in the world of national days. It doesn't celebrate potholes, per se, but rather aims to draw attention to the epidemic of potholes plaguing our roads and causing drivers to pull out their hair in frustration.

A Pothole Epidemic

Our data shows that a whopping total of 2770 mentions of National Pothole Day were recorded online, with the most mentions dynamically appearing on 08 March 2018. Why so popular then, you may ask? This day coincided with the aftermath of a particularly nasty winter, leading to more potholes than usual. The internet conversations on this day were awash with passionate calls for urgent interventions on crumbling road infrastructures. Ah, potholes - everyone's favourite subject, right?

Celebrating... Potholes?

Before you think it's all about complaining and grumbling, let's set the record straight - National Pothole Day isn't just about furrowing our brows at these asphalt annoyances. It also highlights the excellent work road repair teams do in filling these nuisances, often in adverse weather conditions. It’s this collective drive towards better, smoother, and safer roads that National Pothole Day truly aims to celebrate.

History behind the term 'Pothole'


Introduction of the term 'pothole'

The term 'pothole' was first introduced in the English language in 1826. It is believed to have originated from the combination of the words 'pot' and 'hole.' The term 'pot' refers to a deep, cylindrical hole, while 'hole' refers to a cavity or opening. Initially, it was used to describe a hole or pit forming in a road's surface.


Rapid rise of automobile usage and potholes

With the rapid rise in the popularity and usage of automobiles in the early 20th century, the term 'pothole' gained significant attention. As more and more vehicles took to the roads, the impact of heavy traffic led to the development of larger and more frequent potholes, causing inconvenience and damage to vehicles. Potholes became a common problem in urban areas.


Creation of the first pothole repair machine

In 1917, the first pothole repair machine was introduced, which revolutionized the way potholes were fixed. This machine, called the 'Pothole Killer,' used compressed air to blast debris and loose material from the pothole, followed by a combination of emulsion and aggregate to patch the hole. This invention greatly improved the efficiency and durability of pothole repairs.

1950s - 1960s

Advancements in pothole repair technology

During the 1950s and 1960s, further advancements were made in pothole repair technology. The introduction of new materials such as hot mix asphalt and better compaction techniques allowed for more effective and long-lasting repairs. These improvements significantly reduced the recurrence of potholes, improving road conditions for drivers.


First 'Pothole Awareness Day' observed

In 1986, the first 'Pothole Awareness Day' was observed in the United States. This day aimed to bring attention to the issue of potholes and highlight the importance of maintaining and repairing road surfaces. Since then, many countries have designated specific days or weeks to raise awareness about potholes and promote road safety.

Did you know?

Did you know that the term 'pothole' originally referred to geological features in glaciers and gravel beds? It wasn't until the 20th century that it became synonymous with those annoying holes in the road that threaten to swallow up your car!


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