National Poptart Day

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Are you a sweet tooth with a love for pastries? Well allow us to pop something delightful into your life — National Poptart Day! Yes, our beloved rectangular morning dessert has its own special day in the spotlight, and the honor isn't unearned. They're toasty, they're tempting, and they're oh-so poshly poptastic!

When is Poptart Day?

It's national poptart day on the 19th May.

The Story Behind the Tart

Rumored to have been first celebrated in 2015, National Poptart Day really sprang to life. Surprisingly, though, it took the internet by storm from the 19th of May that year, with as much as six mentions. Wow, right? Six whole mentions! I mean, it's not exactly the royal wedding, but think about six people randomly coming together on the internet to suddenly shout ,'Yay for Poptarts!'

Unexpected Popularity

The popularity of this day might take some by surprise (unless they are a tried and true Poptart lover, then this day would be circled three times on their calendar). For an event that sprouted from a multi-flavored toaster pastry, it's certainly gained a fan base. The 'Pop' in Poptart is really popping!

Why Do We Celebrate It?

But why all the hoopla for a humble piece of toastable treat? Isn't that like celebrating sliced bread? Well, yes. If sliced bread came in flavors like strawberry, blueberry, s'mores, and chocolate fudge. Poptarts are the Picasso of pastries, the Ferraris of the breakfast table, the... well, you get the point.

How to Celebrate

If you're wondering how to celebrate this scrumptious day, it's simple: Forget the eggs and bacon, set your toaster, and pop a tart! Gather friends for a Poptart party. Pair it with a piping hot mug of joy – be it coffee, tea, or hot cocoa – and let the sweetness take over. Just remember not to microwave them with the foil, as that would really put a damper on the celebration!

History behind the term 'Poptart'


The Creation of the Poptart

In 1964, the Kellogg Company introduced a revolutionary new product called the Poptart. It was conceived as a toaster pastry that could be heated and enjoyed straight out of the packaging, providing a convenient and hassle-free breakfast option. The original flavors included apple currant, strawberry, blueberry, and brown sugar cinnamon.


Popularity Soars

By 1967, the Poptart had gained significant popularity amongst consumers due to its ease of use and delicious taste. The toaster pastry became a convenient treat for busy households, capturing the attention of both adults and children. Its portable nature made it an ideal snack for on-the-go consumption.


Expansion of Flavor Varieties

In the early 1970s, the Kellogg Company expanded the flavor options for Poptarts to cater to a wider range of tastes. New flavors like chocolate, cherry, grape, and raspberry were introduced, delighting fans of the toaster pastry. The expanded variety contributed to the growing popularity of Poptarts as a versatile and enjoyable snack.


Frosted Poptarts Debut

In 1983, Kellogg's launched a significant innovation in the Poptart lineup by introducing frosted versions. The addition of a sugary frosting on top of the pastries enhanced the sweetness and appeal of the treat. Frosted Poptarts quickly became a favorite among consumers and solidified the brand's position as a go-to breakfast and snack option.


New Poptart Formats

In 1992, Kellogg's introduced Poptarts in new and exciting formats. Strawberry Milkshake and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough flavors were released as limited editions, offering a fun twist on the traditional toaster pastry. These new formats allowed Poptart enthusiasts to enjoy their favorite treat in even more creative ways, further cementing the brand's popularity.


Poptart Redesign and Cultural Impact

In 2010, Kellogg's revamped the design of Poptarts, incorporating a crisper texture, more vibrant colors, and an improved frosting. Alongside the redesign, Poptarts became deeply ingrained in popular culture, featuring in movies, TV shows, and even inspiring various memes on the internet. The toaster pastry had become an iconic symbol of convenience and comfort food.

Did you know?

Did you know that the first flavor of Poptarts was, in fact, not a traditional fruit? It was originally filled with a dog food-like substance as a joke!


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19th May 2015

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