National Police Memorial Day

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Blue lights, check. Honoring uniform, check. Boundless respect, double check! Welcome to a day of remembrance that’s the very definition of 'Protect and Serve', National Police Memorial Day! On this day, we commemorate those brave officers who went above and beyond the call of duty. Let’s dive in, all sirens blazing.

When is Police Memorial Day?

It's national police memorial day on the 27th September.

A Day to Remember Our Heroes

Our trusty internet data tells us that mentions of National Police Memorial Day soared to a record high on 27 September 2020 with 16982 online shout-outs. Yes, we kept count. Notably, while this isn't a day for party poppers and cake, it's a day for remembrance, awareness, and heartfelt gratitude towards those who put themselves on the line for our wellbeing.

The Origins

Although not an official 'fun' event on our calendar, this deep-rooted national day of respect is far-reaching. It's a day that shows our collective care for the brave security forces that strive hard 24/7 to defend our beloved neighbourhoods from cookies thieves and real baddies alike.

The Significance of 27th September

Hovering over the calendars on our site, you'll notice an uptick in activity around the date of 27th September. While we haven't quite cracked why this particular date suggests a wave of remembrance, it could be due to the annual service of remembrance held on the last Sunday of September each year in the UK, which often sparks global participation and broad sharing on social media platforms.

History behind the term 'Police Memorial'


Creation of the Police des Mœurs in France

The term 'police memorial' traces its origins back to the year 1791 in France. During this time, the Police des Mœurs, translated as 'vice squad' or 'moral police,' was established in Paris. This division was responsible for enforcing public morality and cracking down on activities such as prostitution and gambling. The formation of the Police des Mœurs marked an early development in the use of policing agencies to maintain societal order.


Creation of National Police Memorial Day in the United States

The concept of honoring and memorializing police officers took a significant step forward in the United States in 1961. President John F. Kennedy signed a proclamation designating May 15th as Peace Officers Memorial Day, and the week in which it falls as National Police Week. This recognition aimed to pay tribute to law enforcement officers who had lost their lives in the line of duty. These events led to the emergence of the term 'police memorial' in relation to commemorating fallen officers.


Inauguration of the National Police Memorial in the United Kingdom

The year 1981 witnessed the inauguration of the National Police Memorial in the United Kingdom. Located in London's St. James's Park, this memorial pays tribute to police officers who lost their lives while protecting the public. The establishment of this monument solidified the usage of 'police memorial' as a term to refer to physical memorials erected in honor of fallen law enforcement professionals.


Creation of National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial in the United States

In 1992, the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial was opened in Washington, D.C., in the United States. The memorial serves as a poignant tribute to the thousands of law enforcement officers who died in the line of duty throughout American history. This development further emphasized the term 'police memorial' and its association with commemorations for fallen officers, both at a national and international level.


Global Recognition and Observance of Police Memorial Days

In the present day, 'police memorial' has become a well-recognized term worldwide. Several countries observe dedicated days to remember and honor their fallen police officers. These solemn occasions often involve ceremonies, memorial services, and the laying of wreaths. 'Police memorial' continues to serve as a reminder of the sacrifices made by law enforcement professionals in the line of duty and the importance of commemorating their memory.

Did you know?

Did you know that the first recorded police force was established in 1667 by French king Louis XIV? No donuts back then!


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