National Pledge Of Allegiance Day

A group of diverse individuals proudly recite the pledge of allegiance while sporting patriotic attire with American flag accessories, set against a backdrop of iconic American landmarks..
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Salute at the ready folks, for it's National Pledge of Allegiance Day! On this day, we celebrate not just our breathtaking freestyles and magic tricks involving our flags, but also the heartfelt commitment to our country and all that it embodies - liberty, justice and that age-old tradition of a hearty apple pie. Yes folks, it's an occasion to don your stars and stripes socks and chant away like you're at your favorite band’s concert. Only this time, your band's name is 'Freedom'!

When is Pledge Of Allegiance Day?

It's national pledge of allegiance day on the 8th September.

What is The National Pledge of Allegiance Day?

National Pledge of Allegiance Day is a day like no other. It's a day when the usual jumble of cat memes and pictures of avocado toasts on your feeds take a back seat, to give way to a frenzy of 4064 mentions of the national promise! It saw its most mentions on September 8th, 2017, gaining a popularity faster than a viral dance challenge.

The Internet History of the National Pledge of Allegiance Day

The National Pledge of Allegiance Day rose from the archives of the web and charged into the limelight with all the gusto of a presidential parade. It quickly moved from a small community celebrating their patriotism to a wide-spread phenomenon. It's not just a trend folks, it’s a digital revolution, an e-July Fourth if you will.

How To Celebrate This Day?

How does one celebrate this historic day? Well, it's as varied as the internet threads dedicated to it. Some choose a quiet moment to recite it at home, others challenge their friends to a Pledge-off on Twitter. In schools, the anthem might be the hymn of the day and you might just hear it echo in the corridors. Take it from your friendly internet guide here - there's no wrong way to celebrate!

Did you know?

On the most popular Pledge of Allegiance Day so far in 2017, there was a spike in online sales of flags. Guess everyone wanted a prop for their pledge-selfie!


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8th September 2015

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8th September 2017

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