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Ah, the beauty of nature - always a tiny bit more astounding if you're the one planting and fostering it. In the lush universe of national days, National Plant a Flower Day is the one that lets you embrace your green fingers, even if you couldn't successfully nurture a cactus in your life. So, get ready, dear friends of the foliage, because the 12th of March brings about a celebration as blooming marvelous as all those petals you're about to coax from the earth.

When is Plant A Flower Day?

It's national plant a flower day on the 12th March.

Internet History of National Plant a Flower Day

Contrary to popular belief, National Plant a Flower day was not invented by a cabal of horticulturists, rose enthusiasts or a sinister daisy mafia. Instead, it sprouted on the internet, much like those plant babies you're about to cultivate. According to our digital records, there were 2071 online mentions of this day in recent times, with the peak on 12th March 2021. It seems everyone took a moment to trade their laptops for trowels and their Wi-Fi signals for watering cans.

Exploring the Day Itself

Now, National Plant a Flower Day isn't just any ordinary run-of-the-mill celebration. This day is a homage to the joy of colour and life returning to the world after a cold, dreary winter. It's a day to appreciate the simple magic of a seed transforming into a beautiful flower with just a bit of sunshine, water, and love. Whether it's a bright daffodil, a charming tulip, or your very own Audrey II (minus the musical numbers, of course), each bloom planted adds a bit of colour to the world and a smidge more oxygen to the air.

The Best Way to Celebrate

How does one celebrate such a day, you ask? Well, it's elementary, my dear Watson! The joy of this day lies in the act of actually planting a flower - and that's an activity even the most technologically obsessed among us can accomplish. No need to fret - the plant doesn't care if you know Python or your tweets have a million retweets. Your new leafy pal simply asks for a dash of water, a pinch of love, and a sunny corner to bask in. So roll up your sleeves, get your hands dirty, and you'll end up with a reminder of the natural world and this fabulous day to boot.

History behind the term 'Plant A Flower'


The Botanical Renaissance

During the 18th century, an exciting period known as the Botanical Renaissance emerged in Europe. This movement brought a renewed interest in the study and cultivation of plants. It was during this time that the term 'plant a flower' started being used as a figurative expression for the act of sowing and growing flowers in gardens.


Victorian Era Gardening

The Victorian Era, known for its romantic ideals and love for nature, gave significant impetus to gardening. It was a popular pastime for both the upper and middle classes, and the phrase 'plant a flower' gained more prominence during this period. The act of planting flowers became a symbol of beauty, refinement, and a connection with the natural world.


The Rise of Landscaping

In the early 20th century, the concept of landscaping gained popularity. Landscape architects and designers began incorporating flowers and plants to enhance the aesthetic appeal of outdoor spaces. 'Plant a flower' became a common phrase used among professionals and enthusiasts to emphasize the importance of adding floral elements to create pleasing landscapes.


Environmental Awareness

The 1970s saw a rise in environmental consciousness, leading to a renewed interest in gardening and the importance of preserving nature. 'Plant a flower' took on a deeper meaning as it became associated with ecological awareness, sustainability, and the conservation of native species. People started planting flowers not only for their beauty but also to support pollinators and create habitats for beneficial insects and birds.


A Symbol of Hope and Growth

Today, 'plant a flower' has evolved to represent more than just the physical act of planting. It has become a metaphor for fostering growth, nurturing relationships, and bringing positivity into our lives. Planting flowers is seen as a way to promote well-being, connect with the natural world, and create beautiful spaces that inspire joy and tranquility.

Did you know?

Did you know that you can actually grow flowers from slices of fruits and vegetables? Yes, that's right! Certain varieties of fruits and vegetables like apple, citrus fruits, and potatoes contain seeds that can grow into beautiful blossoming plants! Now that's a fresh take on 'reduce, reuse, recycle!'


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