National Pizza Party Day

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Have you ever wondered what the world does when they crave for some cheesy delight topped with juicy olives, crispy bell peppers, delectable mushrooms, and succulent chunks of pepperoni? They celebrate the National Pizza Party Day! What an incredible day it is when we can push those diet charts aside and sink our teeth into those hot slices of pizza Heaven!

When is Pizza Party Day?

It's national pizza party day on the 20th May.

History of National Pizza Party Day

Although pizza parties were a fun tradition way before, the first mention of the National Pizza Party Day surfaced online around 2008. It seems like it was cooked up by a pizza loving netizen, and like a delicious pizza in an oven, it rapidly spread across the internet gathering loyal pizza lovers as it grew.

Based on our database, this day consistently bubbles up to its boiling point every year, mostly on the third Friday of May. The year 2016 seems to have fuelled the biggest pizza party as it had the most online buzz on May 20.

The Celebration

And how do we celebrate a pizza party you ask? Call up your friends, order your favourite pizzas (don't forget the extra cheese), and have a blast. It's as simple as that! Pizzas are food for the soul. They are the ultimate comfort food, the ever-ready party snack and the perfect ice-breaker when things get awkward.

Don't Forget

Plan games, watch your favourite movies, share your favourite pizza stories...the most important thing is to bask in the joy that pizza brings. Remember, calories don't count on National Pizza Party Day!

History behind the term 'Pizza Party'


The Birth of the Neapolitan Pizza

In the year 1889, the Margherita pizza, also known as the Neapolitan pizza, was created in Naples, Italy. It is said to have been named after Queen Margherita of Italy, who visited Naples and fell in love with this variation of flatbread. The classic Neapolitan pizza is made with simple ingredients such as tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, basil, and olive oil, representing the colors of the Italian flag.

Late 20th Century

The Rise of the Pizza Party

During the late 20th century, the concept of the pizza party started to gain popularity. As pizza became more widely available and affordable, it became a go-to food for gatherings and celebrations. The idea of a pizza party evolved as a social event where friends and family could come together to enjoy delicious pizza and have a great time together.


Corporate Pizza Parties

In the mid-1990s, the concept of pizza parties extended beyond social gatherings and entered corporate culture. Companies began organizing pizza parties as a way to reward and motivate employees. These pizza parties helped foster a sense of camaraderie and provided a casual setting for employees to bond and socialize outside of the office environment.

Modern Era

Pizza Party Culture

In the modern era, the term 'pizza party' has become a part of popular culture. It is often associated with casual celebrations, children's birthday parties, and even political campaigns. Pizza parties have also been used as fundraising events for various causes. The term 'pizza party' has become synonymous with the joy of sharing pizza with others and enjoying good company.

Did you know?

Did you know pizza delivery first started in Italy during World War II? Nowadays we can't imagine a pizza party without delivery!


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1st May 2015

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20th May 2016

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