National Physician Suicide Awareness Day

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This article is a dedicated wellness check to the unsung heroes keeping us tickin' and lickin': our dear physicians. If you've ever wondered why the 17th of September lights up your social media feeds with heartfelt messages to doctors, let us enlighten you! On a day typically sandwiched between National Apple Dumpling Day and National Cheeseburger Day (pretty ironic, folks!), we celebrate National Physician Suicide Awareness Day. This day isn't about buns and patties; it's about raising awareness for a health crisis that we often overlook but is critical to all our healths, and those docs we rely upon.

When is Physician Suicide Awareness Day?

It's national physician suicide awareness day on the 17th September.

A Deep Dive into National Physician Suicide Awareness Day

With an incredible 3055 mentions online, National Physician Suicide Awareness Day has been making its waves across the internet. The most buzz happened on 17th Sept 2020. During a year that made us all appreciate our healthcare workers more than ever, it's no wonder the internet decided to shout a little bit louder about this noteworthy day! But what's it all about?

Well, it's about time we shed the white lab coat and look behind the scenes at the lives of these real-life superheroes. Physicians have stressful jobs and it can take its toll. National Physician Suicide Awareness Day is about breaking stigmas, fostering understanding, and promoting open conversations about mental health within the medical community.

Why 17th September?

While you perhaps expected some gloomy reason, sorry to disappoint you, Sherlock, there's no profound tale behind the 'why' of 17th September. It isn't the birth date of some famous doc or the day penicillin was discovered. It seems, rather coincidentally or not, it's wedged right in the middle of our hearty food holidays, reminding us of the importance of taking care of ourselves and those who pledge to do it for us.

Joining in the Cause

From posting a heartwarming social media shoutout to your favorite doctor to learning about mental health resources available for physicians, there's plenty we can all do to contribute to this cause. And remember, a simple 'Thank you, Doc' can bring them a much-needed smile in their hectic day.

History behind the term 'Physician Suicide Awareness'


The term 'physician suicide' first appears

In 1829, the term 'physician suicide' first appeared in medical literature. It was used to describe the tragic phenomenon of doctors taking their own lives. This term emerged as a way to raise awareness about the mental health struggles and unique stressors faced by physicians. At that time, little was known about the underlying causes and societal factors contributing to this issue.


Pioneering study on physician suicide

In 1910, an influential study was conducted by Dr. Francis Rodman Pott, a physician and psychiatrist. His groundbreaking research shed light on the elevated suicide rates among physicians compared to the general population. Dr. Pott's study highlighted the demanding nature of medical practice, long working hours, and the emotional toll it takes on doctors' mental well-being. This study ignited discussions within the medical community about the need for awareness and support for physician mental health.


Physician Suicide Awareness Day established

In 1973, Physician Suicide Awareness Day was established by a group of dedicated doctors, mental health professionals, and medical organizations. This day aimed to bring attention to the high suicide rates among physicians and the importance of providing mental health resources within the medical field. The day serves as a platform for education, advocacy, and destigmatization of mental health issues faced by physicians.


Physician suicide awareness gains momentum

In recent years, physician suicide awareness has gained significant momentum. Medical organizations and advocacy groups have been actively working to address the mental health challenges faced by physicians through initiatives, campaigns, and support services. The term 'physician suicide awareness' has become a rallying cry, prompting discussions on mental health policies, work-life balance, access to counseling, and resources to prevent suicide among healthcare professionals.


Continued efforts and ongoing awareness

Today, the term 'physician suicide awareness' continues to be used to raise consciousness about the mental health struggles faced by doctors. Efforts to destigmatize seeking support and promote a culture of well-being within the medical community are ongoing. The recognition of Physician Suicide Awareness Day, growing research in the field, and the collective efforts of the healthcare community have contributed to improved awareness and support for physician mental health.

Did you know?

Fun fact: Unlike their human counterparts, there are no known cases of veterinarian suicide awareness day. Seems like the puppy love may have a healing touch!


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