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Whoever said only women get to celebrate the magic of cycles clearly didn't have the internet backup. Pull up a chair, grab a warm blanket (or a hot-water bottle), because we're about to dive into the historical rollercoaster that is National Period Day! Don't worry, there's no need for a biology degree or a history textbook - just sit back, relax, and prepare for splashes of knowledge.

When is Period Day?

It's national period day on the 20th October.

Origin of National Period Day

We traced the crimson wave to a whopping 8574 mentions online, with the first mentions appearing smaller and scattered, like the beginnings of a hormonal uprising. As we moved closer to the modern day, the mentions began to increase, coalescing like a united front on National Period Day. The day truly made a splash on October 20th, 2019, where it got the most mentions, showing us that this day, much like a period, is as much a part of life as coffee on a Monday morning.

Let's Talk about the Taboo

One of the key aspects of National Period Day that we found was the effort to break down the barriers surrounding honest and open conversation about menstruation. While society may sometimes paint periods as 'icky' or 'gross', or even shy away from it like a teenage boy in health class, the internet stood its ground, holding a tampon high and say 'No More!' to period shaming.

Extra Padding Makes for a Great Day

National Period Day is also a day for action. The internet rode the crimson wave pushing for reforms in menstrual health education, accessibility of sanitary products and the removal of the so-called tampon tax, because let’s face it, periods aren’t a luxury getaway to the Bahamas, they’re a monthly subscription you never asked for, and nobody should have to pay extra for essential biological necessities.

History behind the term 'Period'


Medieval Beginnings

In the medieval period, the term 'period' was derived from the Latin word 'periodus', which itself came from the Greek word 'periodos'. Back then, it referred to a fixed length of time, often associated with a specific event or stage, such as the period of a monarch's reign or a specific era in history.


Mathematical Application

During the 17th century, the term 'period' took on a new meaning in the field of mathematics. It started being used to describe the time taken for a complete cycle or revolution, such as the period of a pendulum's swing or the period of a planet's orbit around the sun. This mathematical concept paved the way for a deeper understanding of repetitive patterns and time intervals.


Scientific Definition

In the 19th century, the term 'period' found its way into various scientific disciplines, particularly in biology. It became associated with the menstrual cycle in women, referring to the regular monthly flow of blood. This usage brought discussions about reproductive health and fertility to the forefront, leading to increased awareness and medical advancements.


Educational Context

During the 1920s, the term 'period' took on a new context within the field of education. It became used to describe specific divisions of time within the school day, where students would attend classes or engage in activities during designated periods. This system allowed for organized scheduling and improved the overall efficiency of education.


Breaking Taboos

In modern times, the term 'period' has transcended its scientific and educational origins and has become a significant part of feminist discourse. Menstruation, often referred to as a woman's period, is now openly discussed, aiming to break taboos and promote inclusivity. This shift has led to initiatives for menstrual hygiene, period poverty awareness, and the fight against period stigma.

Did you know?

Did you know that early forms of tampons have been found dating back to the 5th century BC? Now that's a fun fact, and a conversation ice breaker for your next networking event!


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