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Ever wondered why your day suddenly gets a little nutty every 13th of September? That's simple, it's National Peanut Day! A day where we celebrate the delicious, nutritious, and sometimes messy world of peanuts. Why messy? Well, ever tried to sneakily eat a peanut butter sandwich? Not the most 'dignified' snack, is it? But hey, this is the day we get permission to get a little messy!

When is Peanut Day?

It's national peanut day on the 13th September.

The Birth of National Peanut Day

On this delightful day, the internet blows up like a peanut plantation on a sunny day. But why? Why do we love peanuts so much to dedicate a whole day to them? Well, it's rooted in our love for Snickers, Thai cuisine, and every kid-friendly sandwich. It was truly sealed on 13th September 2017, when it saw an unprecedented surge of 4281jubilant mentions.

Why do we Celebrate?

It's not just because peanuts are the perfect bar snack, or they make our desserts that little bit nuttier. Peanuts are packed with so much protein and good fat that they almost leave avocados green with envy. Plus, feeding your bird friends with it is as much a joy. But, there's a lot more to peanuts than meets the eye. Ever heard of the Peanut Butter and Jelly CDC alert? Don’t worry, it’s nothing alarming. It appears Congress once spent time debating the correct way to make a PB&J sandwich. A fun fact to make you crack a smile, just like cracking a peanut shell.

Join the Celebration

There's a universe of peanut delights to explore: from savory Thai peanut sauce to crunchy peanut brittle. Getting involved is as simple as popping a peanut into your mouth and appreciating its multifaceted wonder. Or take a step further and make a dish that stars peanuts! It might just catch on and become your family’s next loved recipe. So next 13th September, raise your jars high, your spoons ready and let's toast to the humble, yet magnificent, peanut.

History behind the term 'Peanut'

9500 BCE

Early Domestication

The history of peanuts can be traced back to 9500 BCE when they were first domesticated in what is now modern-day Uruguay and Paraguay. This early domestication is thought to have occurred as a part of the transition from a hunter-gatherer lifestyle to settled agriculture.

1500 BCE

Introduction to Africa

Around 1500 BCE, peanuts made their way to Africa. The African continent provided ideal growing conditions for peanuts, and their cultivation quickly spread across the region. Peanuts became an important staple in African diets and played a significant role in the cuisine and culture of various African communities.


European Discovery

The term 'peanut' itself has its roots in the European discovery of this unique legume. European explorers encountered peanuts during their voyages to the New World, specifically in South America. The name 'peanut' comes from the resemblance of the shell of the peanut to that of peas, leading to the use of the term 'pea-nut' or 'ground pea' to describe this new plant.


Peanuts in Colonial America

Peanuts were introduced to Colonial America during the 1700s. Initially, they were primarily used as animal feed or as a food source for enslaved populations. However, their popularity grew over time, and peanuts began to appear in recipes and dishes enjoyed by the colonists. Peanuts played a role in African-influenced cuisine, as enslaved Africans brought with them their knowledge and love for this versatile legume.


The Peanut Butter Revolution

In 1884, Marcellus Gilmore Edson, a Canadian chemist, received a patent for producing a paste made from boiled and ground peanuts. While the concept of peanut butter had existed in different forms prior to this, Edson's patent laid the foundation for modern peanut butter production. The invention of peanut butter revolutionized the ways peanuts were consumed and opened up a world of possibilities for peanut-based snacks and treats.

20th Century

Popularity and Cultural Significance

Throughout the 20th century, peanuts gained immense popularity and became deeply ingrained in American culture. They became a staple snack at baseball games, circuses, and fairs, with the iconic image of peanut vendors shouting 'Peanuts! Get your peanuts here!' becoming synonymous with these events. Peanuts also found their way into classic American dishes like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, peanut brittle, and even in Thai cuisine through the introduction of peanut sauce.

Did you know?

Did you know that two peanut farmers have been elected president of the United States? That's right, Thomas Jefferson and Jimmy Carter were both peanut farmers before taking office!


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