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Nothing says 'bringing people together' quite like a heaping bowl of pasta. Don't you agree? Well, on National Pasta Day, the whole internet seems to echo that sentiment! You may want to have your spaghetti spoon ready for this creamy article.

When is Pasta Day?

It's national pasta day on the 17th October.

History of National Pasta Day

National Pasta Day, gloriously hogging the online limelight every 17th of October, came out of a lighthearted yet passion-filled quest to honour one of the world's favourite dishes. From tagliatelle-slinging Italian restaurants to Grandma's hearty beef stroganoff, pasta's versatility makes it an internet sensation as saucy as a marinara sauce. Our website detected about 28792 online pasta shoutouts, with the most mentions recorded on October 17, 2015. Fork-twirling citizens worldwide just couldn't stay silent about their unyielding pappardelle passion!

Celebrating National Pasta Day

Celebrations on National Pasta Day involve lots of slurping, chewing, and 'mmmm' sounds. Some folks rustle up their favourite pasta dish while others take to social media posting hashtags like #LovePasta #NationalPastaDay, creating a deliciously pleasing feed so tantalising, it could make your keyboard drool.

Pasta Echoes Far and Wide

Whether you're a gym enthusiast bulking up with a wholegrain fusilli, or a hopeless romantic cooking spaghetti for a candlelit dinner, National Pasta Day is for everyone. It's a day of remembrance (for all the pasta eaten and yet to be eaten), awareness (hey, did you know pasta can be diet-friendly?), and fun (who doesn't love a good pasta twirling competition?).

History behind the term 'Pasta'


Introduction to Pasta

Pasta, a staple food in Italy, is believed to have been introduced to Europe by Marco Polo upon his return from China, in the year 1271. The Chinese had been consuming noodles for centuries, and Polo's description of the dish, made from a dough of flour and water, fascinated Europeans.


The First Written Reference

The first recorded mention of the term 'pasta' can be found in the works of Italian humanist Ludovico Muratori. In his book 'Antiquitates Italicae Medii Aevi,' published in 1544, he included a citation from a document dating back to 1154 that referred to a type of dough called 'macaronis.' This early mention showcases the existence of pasta and its various forms in Italy during the medieval period.


The First Pasta Recipe

The first documented pasta recipe was published in 1574 in a book called 'Libro de arte coquinaria' by Bartolomeo Scappi, a renowned Italian cook in the Renaissance era. The recipe described how to make 'lasagna' - wide, flat pasta sheets - from a dough of wheat flour and water, cooked in broth. This recipe marked an early written account of pasta preparation.


The Term 'Pasta' Solidifies

The term 'pasta' became commonly used in the Italian culinary lexicon during the late 18th century, with the publication of notable cookbooks like Vincenzo Corrado's 'Il Cuoco Galante.' These cookbooks featured recipes that referred to different pasta shapes and showcased the versatility and creativity in pasta making. 'Pasta' became the overarching term for the wide array of Italian noodle-based dish preparations.


Modern Pasta Production

In 1884, the first pasta factory in the United States was established by Angelo Vitantonio in Ohio. This marked a significant step in the industrialization of pasta production, making it more accessible and affordable for the masses. The factory utilized steam-powered machinery to produce large quantities of pasta, contributing to its widespread popularity and eventual global reach.

20th Century

Pasta Goes Global

During the 20th century, Italian immigrants brought pasta-making traditions to various parts of the world, particularly the United States and South America. As their cuisine gained popularity, dishes like spaghetti and macaroni were embraced by people from different cultures. This cultural exchange and the subsequent internationalization of pasta stands as a testament to its versatility and culinary appeal.

Did you know?

It's estimated that there are over 600 different shapes of pasta. Time to challenge your pasta shape identification skills!


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