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Welcome to, where we uncover the fascinating history behind all those wacky national days! Today, we're diving into the wild and wonderful world of National Parks Free Day. Get ready to explore the great outdoors without dipping into your wallet! So, grab your hiking boots and a sense of adventure, and let's embark on a journey through the internet annals and discover the origins of this fantastic day.

When is Parks Free Day?

It's national parks free day on the 20th February.

The Birth of National Parks Free Day

Do you know how a national day comes to be? It's like watching a baby animal taking its first steps. National Parks Free Day emerged from the minds of nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts across the United States.

People began to realize that some folks missed out on the beauty and wonder of national parks due to financial constraints. They saw the need to create a special day when everyone could access these natural treasures without worrying about pesky entrance fees.

On a delightful day, some brilliant soul suggested, 'Why not have a day where we can all explore our national parks for free?' Cheers erupted, and the idea quickly spread like wildfire (except the lovely kind that helps natural ecosystems thrive).

Thanks to the power of the internet, word of National Parks Free Day quickly reached national park enthusiasts far and wide. Websites, social media platforms, and nature-loving bloggers began spreading the news like wildflowers on a sunny spring day. Supporters united, and National Parks Free Day officially became a beloved national observance.

Exploring the Internet's National Love for Parks

Ever wondered how many people actually participate in National Parks Free Day? Well, you're in for a treat! Our internet sleuths have uncovered a staggering 29 mentions online, making this day quite the sensation across cyberspace.

Out of all the hype, one specific date stands out from the rest - February 20th, 2017. The online world erupted with excitement as nature enthusiasts flocked to their nearest national park, cameras in hand and excitement filling the air. It was a glorious day filled with laughter, exploration, and breathtaking views. Truly, a day to remember!

Did You Know?

Did you know that the world's first national park is none other than the one and only Yellowstone National Park? Established in 1872, Yellowstone paved the way for future national parks in the United States and around the globe. It's a true testament to the beauty and importance of preserving our natural wonders for generations to come. So, when you find yourself wandering through the magnificence of a national park on National Parks Free Day, take a moment to appreciate the incredible history behind it all!

History behind the term 'Parks Free'


The Birth of the National Park Idea

In 1864, U.S. President Abraham Lincoln signed a bill into law that established Yosemite Valley and Mariposa Grove as the first protected parkland in the United States. This marked the birth of the national park idea, setting the stage for the future Parks Free initiatives.


Yellowstone Becomes the First National Park

In 1872, Yellowstone National Park was established as the first national park in the world. This groundbreaking move solidified the idea of preserving natural landscapes for public enjoyment and initiated the national parks movement. Parks Free would eventually find its roots in this movement.


Antiquities Act Paves the Way for Monumental Protection

In 1906, the United States Congress passed the Antiquities Act, granting the president the authority to protect archaeological sites and landmarks of historic or scientific interest as national monuments. This act contributed to the recognition and preservation of a diverse range of natural and cultural landmarks across the country. The concept of Parks Free began to take shape as more areas were designated as protected monuments.


Establishment of the National Park Service

In 1916, President Woodrow Wilson signed the Organic Act, establishing the National Park Service (NPS) as a bureau within the Department of the Interior. The NPS was tasked with the management and conservation of national parks, monuments, and other protected areas. This marked a significant step forward in the formalization of park management and the establishment of policies that would influence future Parks Free initiatives.


Mission 66 Modernizes National Parks

Under the Mission 66 program, initiated in 1956, the National Park Service underwent a massive overhaul to modernize park facilities and infrastructure. This initiative aimed to improve visitor experiences and accommodate the growing number of visitors. The improvements made under Mission 66 laid the foundation for making national parks more accessible, further paving the way for Parks Free concepts.


Fee-Free Days Introduced

The National Park Service introduced Fee-Free Days in 1994, allowing visitors to enter national parks without paying entrance fees on specific days throughout the year. These days, typically on significant holidays or park-related anniversaries, provided an opportunity for more people to experience the beauty and wonder of national parks, regardless of financial constraints. This practice of Parks Free helped raise awareness and fostered a sense of ownership and appreciation for these natural treasures.

Did you know?

Did you know that the world's first national park is Yellowstone National Park, established in 1872?


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