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Oh boy, brace for impact folks, as we dive into a day that spends 24 hours applauding the relentless heroes of the home front - our beloved parents! Get ready to learn about National Parents Day, mark it down in your family calendar, because no matter how 'uncool' they might be during your teenage years, parents are definitely worth celebrating.

When is Parents Day?

It's national parents day on the 26th July.

What is National Parents Day?

Time to clear away those Sunday brunch plans you had, because National Parents Day is more than just a celebration of the individuals who gave us life (and didn't ground us for that grounding-worthy incident which we dare not mention). Celebrated on the fourth Sunday of July each year, this day captures special moments and broadcasts love and appreciation for parents across the nation.

The History of National Parents Day

Saying 'parents, we appreciate you' was officially penned into law by President Bill Clinton in 1994. Thankfully, it's not one of those sappy, marketing-invented occasions but a real national day loved by families and cheesy Hallmark cards alike. National Parents Day takes pride in recognising the Herculean efforts of parents, as well as their irreplaceable role in child-rearing and shaping the lives of tomorrow's superstar adults.

Bringing National Parents Day to Life

How do we celebrate, you ask? For some, it's breakfast in bed for mom and dad, while others may opt for a heartfelt note expressing gratitude. Maybe even indulge in some of those embarrassing family photos for a good-natured nostalgia trip. And for those rebellious souls out there, this is the perfect time to call for a cease-fire with your folks, and thank them for coping with your hormone-driven teenage melodrama.

Unwrapping National Parents Day Online

Over the cyber waves, National Parents Day hits a fever pitch. Our records show that the day garnered a whopping 2740 mentions in 2020, with July 26 being the epicenter of all the digital love. From social media shoutouts to heartfelt blog posts, the internet becomes a testament to the universal bond of parenthood. No clickbait or flashy memes required, just pure, unadulterated family love!

History behind the term 'Parents'


The Origins of the Word 'Parent'

The word 'parents' has its origins in the 1500s, derived from the Old French word 'parent' and the Latin word 'parentem,' which means 'father, mother, or ancestor.' The term was initially used to describe individuals who bring forth or create new life.


Expanding the Role of Parents

In the 1600s, the concept of parenting expanded beyond the act of procreation. It began to encompass the responsibilities and actions involved in raising and nurturing children. This shift reflected a growing recognition of the vital role parents play in a child's development.


Moral and Ethical Aspects of Parenting

During the 1700s, philosophers and writers began discussing the moral and ethical aspects of parenting. Prominent figures, such as Jean-Jacques Rousseau and John Locke, emphasized the influence and responsibility parents have in shaping their children's character and education.


The Emergence of Modern Parenting

The term 'parents' gained further significance in the 1800s, as the concept of modern parenting emerged. This period brought about a shift towards a more nurturing and child-centered approach, focusing on love, affection, and emotional support as essential components of effective parenting.


Psychological Insights and Parenting Styles

In the 1900s, advancements in psychology provided valuable insights into parenting behaviors and their impact on children. Psychologists like Sigmund Freud and Erik Erikson explored various parenting styles, including authoritative, permissive, and authoritarian, shaping the way parents approached child-rearing.

Modern Era

Evolution of Parenting

In the modern era, the concept of parenting continues to evolve. With changing societal norms, the definition of 'parents' has expanded and includes not only biological parents but also adoptive parents, step-parents, and same-sex parents. The recognition of diverse family structures highlights the importance of providing support and acknowledging the role of all caregivers.

Did you know?

Did you know that President Bill Clinton established National Parents Day in 1994? Successfully nurturing the offspring also known as 'the future of mankind' is no easy feat, and our former president totally acknowledged it!


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