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Are you ready to be awed by human spirit and determination? Then brace yourself, as we voyage through the inspiring journey that's known globally as National Paralympic Day. It's not just a day; it's a celebration of the strength and tenacity of Paralympic athletes who train with a rigor equal to, if not surpassing, their non-disabled counterparts.

When is Paralympic Day?

It's national paralympic day on the 26th July.

The Grit and Glitz of National Paralympic Day

Our records show a noticeable surge in online mentions of National Paralympic Day around 26th July, 2015. A whopping 2916 mentions had the virtual world buzzing with appreciation for our much-deserving Paralympic heroes.

How Did it All Begin?

The Paralympic games, born out of the determination to give war veterans in WW II a chance to compete, has grown into an international marvel that garners attention and respect. It's a day when we bear witness to the tremendous power of human resolve triumphing over physical limitations, a testament to the age-old adage that 'where there's a will, there's a way.'

A Day of High Spirits!

National Paralympic Day is not just about sports, it's about altering perceptions and breaking down barriers. The day resounds with the echoes of the Stadium, sometimes even taking to the streets with processions, exhibitions, and festivities. It's about encouraging participation on the grounds, and breaking records on the racing tracks! A chance for all of us to come together and honor sporting heroes who've conquered adversity to stand tall atop podiums and etch their names in the annals of history.

Let's Celebrate! Why? Because We Can!

And while we're talking about celebrations, let's not forget that National Paralympic Day is also about having fun. Whether you're an athlete, a fan, or just an innocent bystander, you're a part of the celebration. And as part of the celebration, you're obligated to enjoy yourself. So, get out there, cheer on your favorites, and revel in the spirit of inclusivity and camaraderie that defined this special day.s

History behind the term 'Paralympic'


The Origins

The term 'Paralympic' originated in 1948 when Sir Ludwig Guttmann organized the Stoke Mandeville Games in England. These games were initially designed as a way to rehabilitate war veterans with spinal cord injuries. The Stoke Mandeville Games, held parallel to the Olympic Games that year, marked the birth of the Paralympic movement.


The Evolution

In 1960, the Stoke Mandeville Games expanded, evolving into the first official Paralympic Games. A total of 400 athletes from 23 countries participated in Rome, Italy. The term 'Paralympic' was officially recognized to describe the parallel games for athletes with disabilities, with 'para' meaning alongside or parallel to the Olympics.


International Recognition

In 1976, the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) was founded. The IPC became the global governing body for the Paralympic Games, responsible for setting rules, coordinating events, and ensuring athletes' fair participation. This marked a significant milestone in the recognition and organization of the Paralympic movement.


Integration with the Olympics

The Paralympic Games took a major step forward in 1988 when they were held in parallel with the Olympic Games in Seoul, South Korea. This marked the beginning of the integration between the Olympic and Paralympic Games. The term 'Paralympic' started to gain widespread recognition and acceptance worldwide.


Rebranding and Formation of Paralympics

In 2001, the International Paralympic Committee introduced a new brand identity and rebranded the Paralympic Games, changing the official name to 'Paralympics.' The new name better reflected the Games' status as a global multi-sport event for athletes with disabilities, aligning it more closely with the Olympic Games.


Increased Popularity and Awareness

The Paralympic Games gained significant momentum and popularity during the 2012 London Paralympics. With extensive media coverage and record-breaking ticket sales, the event brought unprecedented attention to the achievements and abilities of Paralympic athletes. It showcased the power of the Paralympic movement to promote inclusivity and challenge societal perceptions.

Did you know?

The Paralympic movement started out as a rehabilitation program for injured soldiers from World War II by Dr. Ludwig Guttmann at the Stoke Mandeville Hospital in 1948.


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