National Pack Rat Day

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Hey there, fellow pack rats! Are you ready for a day to celebrate your love of collecting and holding on to everything under the sun? Well, mark your calendars because National Pack Rat Day is here to honor our inner hoarder on a memorable level!

When is Pack Rat Day?

It's national pack rat day on the 17th May.

The Origins of National Pack Rat Day

Believe it or not, National Pack Rat Day doesn't date back to some ancient civilization's obsession with storing stuff. Nope, this quirky holiday actually originated on the internet! Back in 2016, on May 17th, there was an explosion of online mentions about pack rats. People couldn't resist sharing their tales of accumulated treasures and perhaps a few sneaky hoarding confessions. And thus, National Pack Rat Day was born!

The Online Pack Rat Community

Since its internet inception, National Pack Rat Day has become a haven for all the closet (or proudly loud) hoarding enthusiasts out there. There's an entire online community dedicated to sharing pack rat stories, tips for organizing clutter, and even finding hidden gems in piles of seemingly useless objects. It's a virtual treasure trove of pack rat goodness!

Celebrating National Pack Rat Day

So, how can you embrace your inner pack rat and make the most of this day? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Organize your collection: Challenge yourself to sort through your stash and find new and creative ways to organize your beloved items.
  • Swap with fellow pack rats: Connect with other pack rats and do a swap! It's a great way to get something new while keeping your hoard intact.
  • Create a pack rat shrine: Dedicate a special corner of your home to display your most prized possessions.

Remember, the goal is not to add to your collection on this day, but to appreciate and revel in what you already have. But hey, we won't judge if you slip up and bring home a shiny new trinket or two. It happens to the best of us!

History behind the term 'Pack Rat'


Origin of the term

The term 'pack rat' originated in 1943 to describe a person who collects and hoards a large number of items, often to the point of cluttering their living space. This behavior resembles that of a pack rat, a rodent known for collecting and hoarding various objects in their nests. The term was first used to describe individuals who hold onto items that are perceived to have little or no value to others but possess sentimental or personal significance to the collector.


Psychological significance

In 1955, psychologists began to explore the psychological significance behind pack rat behavior. They found that some individuals hoard due to feelings of attachment and the belief that items may be useful or have value in the future. Pack rat behavior can also arise as a result of emotional distress or as a coping mechanism for dealing with anxiety or trauma. The term 'pack rat' became synonymous with individuals who display these hoarding tendencies.


Popularity in popular culture

During the 1960s, the term 'pack rat' gained popularity in popular culture. It was used to describe characters in literature, films, and television shows who exhibited hoarding behavior. These characters often provided comic relief, portraying the humorous aspects of pack rat tendencies. The term entered the common lexicon as a whimsical way to describe individuals with a propensity for collecting and holding onto possessions.


Hoarding as a mental disorder

In the 1990s, hoarding behavior began to be recognized as a mental disorder. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) included hoarding disorder as a distinct psychiatric condition. This recognition further cemented the term 'pack rat' as a descriptor for individuals who struggle with excessive hoarding. The term is often used in a non-judgmental manner to describe the behaviors and characteristics associated with hoarding disorder.

Did you know?

Did you know that the expression 'pack rat' actually refers to a real animal? The pack rat, also known as a woodrat, is a species native to North America who builds large 'nests' or middens made of sticks and other objects. Just like its human counterpart, the pack rat has a penchant for collecting and hoarding things!


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