National Pabebewave Day

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You might have heard of the wave, but have you heard of the pabebewave? Celebrated on September 25th with the fun and excitement comparable to a worldwide fiesta, National Pabebe Wave Day is an occasion that's shaken the internet to its very core, riding wave after wave of online mentions back in 2015. Interestingly, it all started with a playful gesture that went viral!

When is Pabebewave Day?

It's national pabebewave day on the 25th September.

What is Pabebe Wave?

In the Filipino language Tagalog, 'pabebe' roughly translates as 'acting cute.' The 'pabebe wave' comes to us thanks to the popular Philippine TV series 'Eat Bulaga!', where Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza, the show’s charming hosts, threw up a coy, charming little wave that looked as lovable as a kitten playing the piano. This adorable hand wave, spiced with a bit of the hosts' personal vogue, captured the hearts of viewers in no time, turning into a full-on viral sensation.

The Rise of National Pabebe Wave Day

The quick spread of this delightful trend led to the birth of National Pabebe Wave Day on September 25th, 2015. On this day, fans of the show and people alike were encouraged to post photos and videos of their own 'pabebe' waves. The aim? To spread smiles, happiness and to create a playful and united global community, all waving together. As we all know, nothing brings people together like a good, old-fashioned internet trend!

Remembering the Biggest Wave Yet

Our data revealed the greatest splash was made on September 25th, 2015 itself. With a whopping 17,081 online mentions, pabebe wave became not just a ripple, but a tidal wave – talk about being hit by a wave of mentions!

The Legacy of Pabebe Wave

Though the wave intensity may have cooled down a bit since then, the essence of National Pabebe Wave Day still thrives in the virtual realm, reminding us of the power of fun, unity, and the joy that can stem from one simple, lovable hand wave.

History behind the term 'Pabebewave'


Introduction of the term

The term 'pabebewave' was popularized in the Philippines in 2014. Derived from the Filipino word 'Pabebe,' which means acting cute or childish, and the English word 'wave,' it refers to a unique way of waving characterized by a playful and exaggerated manner. This term quickly gained recognition among the Filipino youth and became a part of their cultural lexicon.


Social media trend

In 2015, the pabebewave phenomenon exploded on social media platforms, particularly on YouTube and Facebook. Videos showcasing individuals, predominantly young girls, using the pabebewave and performing cute gestures went viral. This trend captivated the online community, attracting millions of views and engagement. The pabebewave became a symbol of self-expression and a way to gain attention and popularity in the digital realm.


Mainstream recognition

By 2016, the pabebewave had permeated mainstream media. It became a common sight to witness celebrities, politicians, and even ordinary individuals incorporating the pabebewave into their public appearances and performances. The distinctive wave had transformed into a non-verbal communication style, often used to convey a light-hearted and playful attitude. The term 'pabebewave' had firmly positioned itself as a recognized trend and a reflection of modern Filipino youth culture.


Controversial reception

As the pabebewave gained widespread popularity, it also faced criticism and backlash. Some individuals deemed it as a display of immaturity and an unhealthy obsession with seeking validation. Critics argued that the emphasis on the pabebewave encouraged a superficial and attention-seeking culture among young people. Despite the controversy, the pabebewave continued to be celebrated by many, albeit with a more nuanced understanding of its impact.


Sustained influence

Today, the pabebewave remains relevant in Filipino society. While its original popularity may have waned, the influence of the term and its associated gestures can still be observed in various contexts, such as entertainment, social media, and everyday interactions. The pabebewave serves as a reminder of the ever-evolving nature of modern culture, where trends emerge, captivate, and sometimes fade, but their impact lingers on, shaping the way people communicate and express themselves.

Did you know?

The 'pabebe wave' shot to international popularity when international news organization, BBC, dedicated a segment to understanding this captivating viral trend originating from the Philippines.


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