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Ah, August 8th! An ordinary day you say? Nope, it's far from ordinary. Today, folks, is National Orgasm Day! A day that will perhaps make you blush but it's all in good vibes, literally.

When is Orgasm Day?

It's national orgasm day on the 31st July.

The Tremor of Tremendous Tales

National Orgasm Day first exploded onto the internet scene in the early 2000s as an opportunity to underscore the importance of healthy sexual practices, promote conversation about sexual wellbeing, and, yes, celebrate the Big 'O.' It's caught like wildfire with tons of mentions, peaking notably on 31 July 2019, with a jaw-dropping 16,334 online mentions!

More Than Meets the Eye

But let's dial back from the blushes for a moment, because this 'day' is about much more than just its eyebrow-raising title. It's about understanding human bodies, promoting healthy discussions around sex, and breaking down constricting barriers of embarrassment when it comes to bodily functions. So, be a part of the conversation and use this day wisely.

A Universally Pleasing Celebration

Unlike National Lima Bean Respect Day or National Mail Order Catalog Day (yes, these are actual recognized days), National Orgasm Day appeals to virtually everyone regardless of personal taste, so celebrating should be no problem, as long as it's within safe and consensual realms.

History behind the term 'Orgasm'


The Origin of the Term

The term 'orgasm' was first coined by an English physician named Dr. Richard Manningham in the year 1713. He derived it from the Greek word 'orgasmos,' which means 'excitement' or 'swelling.' Dr. Manningham used the term to describe the pleasurable release or climax experienced during sexual activity.


Medical Recognition

In the mid-19th century, medical professionals began to acknowledge and study the concept of orgasm more extensively. Sigmund Freud, the renowned psychoanalyst, played a crucial role in popularizing the term and exploring its psychological significance. Freud believed that the orgasm was not solely a physical experience but also had significant psychological implications.


Sexual Revolution

The 1960s witnessed a significant shift in societal attitudes towards sexuality, with a greater emphasis on sexual liberation and exploration. This era, known as the Sexual Revolution, brought discussions around orgasm into the mainstream. People became more open to conversations about sexual pleasure, and the orgasm became an essential topic of interest and curiosity.


Viagra and Conversations on Female Orgasm

In 1998, Viagra, a medication for treating erectile dysfunction, was introduced to the market, sparking conversations about sexual health and performance. The increased focus on male sexual satisfaction also led to discussions about female orgasm. This period saw a renewed interest and understanding of female pleasure, aiming to bridge the gap in sexual satisfaction between genders.

Present Day

Continued Exploration and Acceptance

In the present day, the concept of orgasm continues to be a subject of exploration, discussion, and acceptance. Scientific research on sexual pleasure and the role of orgasm in overall well-being has grown. Additionally, societal attitudes towards sexuality and sexual health have become more progressive, allowing for more open and inclusive conversations about the diverse experiences of orgasm.

Did you know?

Did you know that the 'invention' of this day is actually unknown? Despite its popularity, no one person or group has officially stepped forward to claim responsibility of its inception! Talk about shy originators.


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4th June 2016

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31st July 2019

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