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Do you get a thrill when your parcel arrives at the door? Do you get a sly satisfaction from avoiding queues and shopping in your PJs? Then get ready because we're talking about National Online Shopping Day, the digital fiesta for deal seekers, bargain hunters, and shopaholics alike! A day that has found quite a place for itself in the digital hall of fame since we first spotted 16236 mentions online.

When is Online Shopping Day?

It's national online shopping day on the 30th July.

History of National Online Shopping Day

First seen in the wild expanse of the internet on the 30th of July, 2017, National Online Shopping Day has brought joy to countless people, offering them a specific day to guiltlessly indulge their online shopping habits. Be they shopping aficionados or retail rookies, on this day, everyone's a virtual superstar.

Why We Celebrate

We're celebrating two things with National Online Shopping Day: the convenience of shopping from the comfort of your own home, and the raft of retail options that this brings. No more waiting in long lines or fighting for parking, this day is all about embracing shopping made easy. Plus, who doesn't love finding that super specific thing you need that's sold out in every physical store?

Spreading the Word

Social media has played a significant role in popularizing this event, with participants sharing their online hauls and giving shout-outs to their favorite e-stores. It’s a fun way to exchange shopping tips, tricks and tutorial, while creating buzz for those undeniable endorphin-popping deals!

History behind the term 'Online Shopping'


The Birth of E-commerce

In 1984, a technology innovator named Michael Aldrich introduced the concept of online shopping. Aldrich utilized a modified domestic television connected with a telephone line to create a platform for business transactions over long distances. This groundbreaking idea laid the foundation for what would become known as online shopping.


The World Wide Web Emerges

In 1990, Tim Berners-Lee developed the World Wide Web, a system of interlinked hypertext documents accessible via the internet. This development provided the necessary infrastructure for online shopping to flourish by allowing easy access and navigation through various online stores and catalogs.


Secure Online Transactions

In 1994, the first secure online transaction was accomplished by a company called NetMarket. They used encryption technology to create a safe environment for consumers to enter their credit card information online, increasing trust and confidence in online shopping.


Amazon Launches

In 1995, Jeff Bezos founded, an online bookstore that would eventually become the largest online retailer in the world. Amazon's success paved the way for other e-commerce platforms to emerge, further popularizing the concept of online shopping.


The Rise of Online Marketplaces

Around the year 2000, online marketplaces such as eBay and Alibaba gained significant popularity. These platforms allowed individuals to buy and sell products in an auction-style format, leading to a surge in online shopping activity and creating opportunities for small businesses and individual sellers.


Mobile Shopping Revolution

With the introduction of smartphones, mobile shopping experienced a significant boost. In 2007, Apple released the first iPhone, and soon after, various apps and mobile-optimized websites were developed to provide a seamless online shopping experience on handheld devices. This marked a new era in online shopping accessibility and convenience.


Cyber Monday

In 2010, Cyber Monday, the Monday following Thanksgiving, surpassed Black Friday as the busiest online shopping day of the year in the United States. This annual event offers massive discounts and promotions, enticing consumers to shop online and contributing to the exponential growth of online shopping during the holiday season.

Did you know?

Did you know? Online shopping sales are expected to reach $4.5 trillion in 2021 and it's not just for millennials. Even Grandma's getting in on the online shopping action - over 40% of seniors have made an online purchase!


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