National Onion Rings Day

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On top of every foodie's calendar, let's sink our teeth into the crispy and delicious world of National Onion Rings Day! This finger-licking celebration finds a special place in the hearts of food-lovers everywhere. So, get your napkins ready and let's dive into the tasty treat that is Onion Rings Day!

When is Onion Rings Day?

It's national onion rings day on the 22nd June.

The tastefully crisp history of Onion Rings Day

No one can refuse the alluring golden-brown crunch of a perfectly fried onion ring. Yet, did you know that there is a whole day dedicated to honoring this mouthwatering culinary delight? That’s right! National Onion Rings Day is here to glorify this oft-chosen side dish every year. Time to deep dive into the whirlpool of battered and fried onions!

Let's crunch the numbers!

On our end, we've detected a whopping 3,646 mentions of National Onion Rings Day online, with a record number of mentions on June 22, 2017. National Onion Rings Day seems to be gaining popularity year by year, encouraging snack-lovers to celebrate more often.

The Ring that rules the snack world

Onion rings - said to originate somewhere around the 1930s - have travelled far and wide, ending up in the kitchens, diners and pubs of the world. Whether you love them as a side for your burger, or a snack to munch on, these golden rounds of joy bring a playful crunch to any dining experience.

Celebrate with a crunch!

So, how do you celebrate National Onion Rings Day? Simple. Gather your loved ones and let the crunching begin. After all, the joy of biting into a perfectly fried onion ring is even better when shared. Add a fun spin by ditching the fries at a meal and replacing them with onion rings at your favorite restaurant or, better yet, fry a batch at home!

History behind the term 'Onion Rings'


The Birth of Onion Rings

During the early 1900s, the concept of deep-fried foods gained popularity in the United States. It was around this time that the first sightings of what we now know as onion rings started to emerge. These tasty treats were created by dipping thin slices of onion into a batter and frying them until golden brown.


Rise to Popularity

In the 1920s, onion rings began to gain significant popularity across the country. As American society embraced fast food and diners, onion rings found their way onto menus throughout the nation. Their crispiness and delicious flavor made them a delightful side dish or a standalone snack.


Fast Food Revolution

The 1950s marked the decline of full-service restaurants and the rise of fast food chains. This era saw the proliferation of drive-ins and the birth of fast food giants like McDonald's and Burger King. Onion rings became a staple item on many fast food menus, capitalizing on their appeal as a popular side dish.


Perfecting the Onion Ring

In the 1970s, culinary innovation led to the improvement of onion ring recipes. Chefs and food enthusiasts experimented with different coating techniques and flavors, resulting in even crispier, more flavorful onion rings. This period saw the introduction of seasoned batters and novel dipping sauces, enhancing the overall enjoyment of this beloved snack.


Onion Rings Around the World

Today, onion rings can be found worldwide. They have transcended borders and become a global favorite. Variations of onion rings can be seen in various cultures, each putting its own spin on this delicious dish. From beer-battered onion rings to creative gourmet versions, the humble onion ring continues to be enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds.

Did you know?

Did you know that the record for the largest onion ring ever made was set by an American restaurant in 2011? They fried one up that was ten inches across!


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