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Howdy, fellow Internet wanderer! Looking for something interesting to celebrate this 22nd of June? Get ready to fry up some fun! If you've been surfing for a national holiday that’s close to your heart (and stomach), you're bang on time for National Onion Ring Day! Who knew these golden circles of delectable deliciousness had a day all to their own? Well, now you know!

When is Onion Ring Day?

It's national onion ring day on the 22nd June.

A Crunchy History

Believe it or not, the humble onion ring has been making our taste buds tango from as early as the 1930s. The delicious story of the onion ring surfaces online from old cooking manuals to modern blogs that delightfully dissect the magic of this comfort food. Funnily enough, we get to pay tribute to them year after year on June 22nd. Thanks, Internet!

Frying High in June

Onion Ring Day really bloomed in the online world on June 22nd, 2016, making the Internet smell like a virtual state fair. We saw an impressive 2127 mentions of our favorite appetizer online! Why, some might even dare say it was as popular as cat videos for a day!

Drizzles of Appreciation

Sharing recipes, admiring good-looking onion rings on Instagram, and heated online debates about the best dipping sauce - National Onion Ring Day united food fanatics across the globe. So whether you're a fan of the crunchy crumb coating or prefer the smooth batter, pull up a chair. June 22nd is a day to lay down your culinary differences and celebrate the ring that teaches us life's most important lesson – there's always room for more flavor!

History behind the term 'Onion Ring'


The Birth of the Onions

In the year 1802, the term 'onion ring' had yet to be coined. However, onions themselves were already a popular ingredient in various culinary traditions. Onions were cultivated for centuries for their unique flavor and versatility in cooking. They were known for their pungent aroma and distinct taste, which added depth and complexity to many dishes.


The Advent of Deep-Frying

In 1910, deep-frying became increasingly popular as a cooking technique. This method involved immersing food in hot oil to achieve a crispy and golden exterior. Around this time, cooks and chefs started experimenting with various ingredients to deep-fry, including vegetables. Sliced onions, with their natural layers, quickly found their way into the deep fryers, giving birth to what we now know as onion rings.


The Rise of Fast Food

As the concept of fast food gained traction in the 1920s, onion rings became a popular side dish in diners and drive-ins. Their crunchy texture and savory flavor made them an excellent accompaniment to burgers and sandwiches. The widespread popularity of fast food establishments during this era helped propel the onion ring into the mainstream culinary scene.


Onion Rings Go Global

In 1955, the onion ring's popularity expanded beyond the United States with the rise of international fast-food chains. As these chains spread across the globe, they introduced onion rings to new audiences. The crispy delight quickly found its way onto menus in various countries, capturing the hearts (and taste buds) of people worldwide.

Present Day

Onion Rings' Lasting Appeal

Today, onion rings continue to be a beloved snack and side dish in many parts of the world. They can be found on the menus of diverse restaurants, ranging from casual diners to upscale establishments. The unique combination of the sweet onion interior and crispy, golden batter remains a winning formula, delighting food enthusiasts of all ages.

Did you know?

Did you know that the earliest recipe for fried onions can be traced back to an 1802 cookbook? It suggested cutting onions into half-inch rings, dipping them in a batter made of flour and cream, and frying them in lard.


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