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Ah, National Nude Day! A day that makes some blush and others strut their stuff in salute of birthday suit appreciation. Marked on sunny July 14th for spirited streakers and daring nudists, it's an unusual holiday that certainly exposes (metaphorically or literally, your choice) our quirky humanity.

When is Nude Day?

It's national nude day on the 15th July.

Unveiling National Nude Day

An online sensation undoubtedly, National Nude Day traces its origins from New Zealand, where it swapped kiwis for a different kind of bare! Now marking its place in various countries worldwide, National Nude Day sees quite a swell of attention on the internet, with a peak of 84497 mentions in 2019. Aren't we just cheeky?

No Need to Blush!

While some may need a second to get used to our natural state, it is essentially a celebration of body positivity and accepting oneself. It has grown from a fun, daring holiday to becoming an annual testament to the diversity of human forms; celebrating the wonder that is our bodies, in all their shapes, sizes and hues.

Strutting the Internet

The peak online interest in National Nude Day was on 15th July 2019. But if you think this has only to do with folks without threads, you may well be mistaken! The day adopts a broader message of positivity, openness and taking life a bit more lightly. It's about encouraging acceptance and love for ourselves, because, at the end of the day, we all have our birthday suits, right?

Subtly NSFW and Satisfyingly Safe

While National Nude Day could be seen as slightly NSFW, it must be emphasized that the celebrations are meant to be consensual and respectful. Enjoy the day in a way you are comfortable with and remember, the main idea is to have fun and inspire body positivity.

History behind the term 'Nude'

15th century

A Renaissance Shift

In the 15th century, during the Renaissance period, the term 'nude' began to emerge as a descriptor for artistic representation of the human body without clothing. During this time, artists such as Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo embraced the concept of the nude form as a way to celebrate the beauty and complexity of human anatomy. Nude figures became a popular subject in paintings and sculptures, reflecting a newfound appreciation for the human body and its natural form.

19th century

The Birth of Naturism

By the 19th century, the term 'nude' had developed a broader cultural meaning. The concept of naturism, also known as nudism, started to gain popularity as people began to embrace living close to nature and rejecting the constraints of clothing. Naturism became associated with health, freedom, and a connection with the natural world. This represented a significant shift in societal attitudes towards nudity, as it moved beyond the realm of art and into the realm of personal and philosophical expression.

20th century

Nudity in Film and Popular Culture

In the 20th century, the term 'nude' took on new dimensions as it became more commonly used in relation to film and popular culture. Nudity in film started to challenge societal norms and censorship regulations, with provocative and controversial scenes pushing the boundaries of what was considered acceptable. This led to a broader discussion around the portrayal and perception of nudity in the media, highlighting its power to provoke and captivate audiences.

21st century

Body Positivity and the Modern Nude

In the 21st century, the term 'nude' has become intertwined with body positivity and the celebration of diverse beauty standards. The modern nude not only represents the absence of clothing but also promotes self-acceptance, inclusivity, and the idea that all bodies are worthy of admiration. Photographers, artists, and activists have embraced the nude as a means of challenging unrealistic beauty ideals and encouraging individuals to embrace their natural bodies.

Did you know?

Did you know National Nude Day originated in New Zealand, where people were initially dared to skinny dip during the southern hemisphere's winter? Now, that's a brave birthday suit salute!


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